Purported Galaxy S5 Dx (aka S5 mini) picture leaked

It’s been only a few hours since we saw the Galaxy S5 Dx, now expected to be the actual name of the Galaxy S5 mini, on Samsung’s official website, seemingly confirming its imminent release, and now, evleaks has leaked another (low-res) photo of the device. The new picture once again iterates the Galaxy S5 Dx will look a lot like its flagship brother, though that’s about all we can glean from the picture. However, we’re inclined to believe that this might not actually be the Galaxy S5 mini. Notice the date in the image? It’s rather old, and considering the dates on the lockscreen on these images often hint at the announcement date, it’s possible that this isn’t the real deal and that it could just be a mockup cooked up in Photoshop.

Guess we’ll find out what’s what in the days to come – the Galaxy S5 mini is surely coming sooner rather than later, so it shouldn’t be long before the pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place.



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