Galaxy S5 takes a dive from second floor of a building, lives to tell the tale

The Galaxy S5 has continued to impress us when it comes to build quality, surviving incidents like a washing machine ride and being run over by a car, and now, a new drop test further cements the S5’s position as one of the most durable smartphones Samsung has made. This time around, the Galaxy S5 was dropped onto the pavement from the second floor of a building – you would expect the phone to stop working after such a drop, but it turns out that it was perfectly functional. The glass on the front did shatter, but the display itself was fine and continued to respond to touch, and the fingerprint scanner also remained operational.

Again, it’s pretty impressive just how durable the Galaxy S5 seems to be, though that doesn’t mean you should start being careless when handling it, as there is never a certainty that what you see in drop tests will act out in real life as well.

Go ahead and check out the drop test in the video below.


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3 years 3 months ago

Impressive yet again!

Next, 2 story drop for HTC M8. Let’s see those results…