AT&T’s Galaxy S5 comes without Download Booster feature

Unlike previous flagships, the Galaxy S5 comes with a rather small collection of big new features, as Samsung works on focusing on a better experience instead of tacking on unnecessary new functions. One of those features is Download Booster, which uses a Wi-Fi and LTE connection simultaneously to download files faster. However, it looks like the feature is missing from the AT&T variant of the Galaxy S5, according to reports from various consumers that have received their pre-orders of the device earlier than expected.

According to Android Police, Download Booster was missing from demo units of the AT&T Galaxy S5 as well, and cannot be found anywhere on the retail units that are now in hands of consumers. It’s unclear if the feature was removed on purpose, or if it’s an oversight that will be fixed through a software update, so we’ll have to wait for an official confirmation from the carrier to see what’s going on here.



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3 years 13 days ago

AT&T and Samsung are both blaming each other on this one its ridiculous… however it is only the 10th. The official release date for AT&T is the 11th, and when those customers see that not only download booster, but kids mode, and MIMO aren’t available as well AT&T better step their game up because T-Mobile is creeping up behind them…. -A very dissatisfied AT&T customer

3 years 14 days ago

And this comes as a complete shock to anyone, I mean really this is AT&T we are talking about and my guess is Verizon will do the SAME THING!

3 years 14 days ago

I wonder if this is the same thing that’s on my Note 3? When I send an MMS message while on Wi-Fi, it pulls up the cellular signal (4g)as well so at that point I’m on Wi-Fi and cell signal. Interesting…..

3 years 14 days ago

That’s just an issue with your phone its dropping signal from wifi and going to your phones data. Note 3 are bad for dropping wifi signal all the time. Along with horrible garbled audio on phone calls and complete loss of sound until you reboot it. Also loss of external sd card when going to kitkat rom. Lots of issues on the note 3 only way I was able to fix them was going to a non factory rom.

3 years 13 days ago

Wow, sounds like you have a defective Note 3. I’ve had mine since launch day and it’s had the KitKat update, and I’ve had none of the problems you’ve described. In fact, I’ve had no problems what so ever, not one.

3 years 14 days ago

No, it isn’t.