Samsung Galaxy S5 might have a lower launch price than the Galaxy S4

The Galaxy S5 might offer numerous upgrades over the Galaxy S4, but according to ZDNet Korea, Samsung has set the launch price of its latest flagship lower than the launch price the Galaxy S4 had back in 2012. In Korea, the Galaxy S5 will retail for 800,000 ($744) won in Korea, which is 90,000 won less than the launch price of the S4, which retailed for 890,000 won ($827). The price tag is further affirmed by the recent listing of the Galaxy S5 in India for Rs. 45,500, about the same as 800,000 won after conversion, so it does look like we might not have to spend as much on the Galaxy S5 during the first few weeks of its availability as we did for the Galaxy S4.

However, even if that is the asking price for the Galaxy S5, it’s still might not be cheaper than the S4 everywhere. In India, the Galaxy S4 was actually launched at a cheaper price (Rs. 41,500), but still, if Samsung can manage to keep the price increase to a minimum, it will surely help the company court more consumers and drive sales of its latest flagship. In any case, the Galaxy S5 will be going on sale worldwide on April 11, so it shouldn’t be long before we hear the official price from the horse’s mouth.

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3 years 1 month ago

Over here in the US it’s business as usual, 16GB is $649 and the 32GB is MIA but will likely show up a month or so later and be $699 or higher which is not lower than the S4 in the US. Typical US carrier move.

3 years 1 month ago

Yes it is, it is 10 % less than the price of the S4 on the launch !! Whats with the “might have” it has a lower price!

3 years 1 month ago

Yes it’s true!

Over here in NZ, the launch price of the Galaxy S4 was $1199 NZD! Currently it cost just about $899.

Anyway, the Galaxy S5′s RRP here is $1049 NZD, $150 cheaper! Well anyway I want to see the GS5 first before deciding on upgrading my 1+ year old GSIII for it.

3 years 1 month ago

Although it is still steep in price range lol. I’d rather wait for Samsung NZ or other retailers to drop it down in price. Hopefully it reaches below $800 near the end of the year.