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One of the new features Samsung introduced with the Galaxy S5 is a fingerprint sensor. At the launch event, Samsung announced that the fingerprint scanner can be used for much more than unlocking the device, and that they would be working with third party vendors in creating additional functionality. The first such functionality seems to be biometric payment authentication. PayPal announced that from next month, users will be able to use the Galaxy S5 to authenticate their purchases directly without having to enter an additional PIN number or password. This mode of authentication is much more secure to using a password, which can be stolen.

The PayPal client will be able to authenticate users based on a unique encrypted key that contains a user’s biometric information. Gerben van Walt Meijer, Marketing Manager of Samsung Mobile Netherlands says that this functionality is designed to make it easier for users to buy things online.  “People are increasingly looking for mobile solutions that make their lives easier. The GALAXY S5 is the result of innovation that purely on people-oriented. Whether you’re talking about online payment convenience or improve your health with personal fitness coach and built-in pulse sensor, the S5 offers.” Samsung is betting on other vendors utilising the features allowed by the fingerprint sensor to make user authentication easier.


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