Gear 2 to come with Fleksy smart keyboard integration

Fleksy, makers of the smart predictive keyboard that goes by the same name, have announced that its keyboard will be available on the Gear 2. Using Fleksy on the Gear 2, you will be able to send text messages right from your wrist. The Fleksy keyboard was demoed on a Gear 2 at the Mobile World Congress last week, where Ioannis Verdelis, COO of Fleksy, mentioned that the keyboard was ideal for wearables. “Fleksy’s patent-pending technology is uniquely positioned for wearable devices. This is an important milestone in our mission to make touchscreen typing easier on wearable devices.”

Although the small size of the screen is an issue, Fleksy claim that their autocorrect engine combined with the language algorithm is good enough to correct most errors. Verdelis also mentioned that, “Fleksy allows user to accurately type on any device, regardless of size, and we are very excited to work with Samsung to finally bring this unique technology to the Gear 2.0. We are now bridging the gap between your smartwatch and smartphone, making it easier for you to communicate directly from your wrist.” Fleksy will be available on the Gear 2 by the time it launches, which will likely be by the end of the month.


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