Samsung starts Galaxy Note 3 Neo pre-booking in India

After announcing the Galaxy Note 3 Neo for India just a few days ago at the Samsung Forum in Bali, Samsung has listed the device for pre-order in the country. The device is available for Rs. 38,990 ($625), which is Rs. 2,000 ($32) less than the original price indicated by Samsung. The lowered price is a welcome move by Samsung, considering that the original Galaxy Note 3 price is around Rs. 41,909 ($670).The Note 3 Neo is the first device to feature Samsung’s latest Exynos hexa-core processor.

Samsung officials indicated earlier this year that they would like to increase their market share in the mobile processor segment by selling more devices with Exynos hardware, so it is likely we will see the hexa-core processor in other Samsung devices later this year. The Galaxy Note 3 Neo is identical to the Note 3 in terms of design, and comes with a slightly smaller 5.5-inch screen. The screen on the Note 3 Neo is a 720p variant to the full-HD offering in the original Note 3. Otherwise, it shares similar hardware details with the Note 3. Samsung has 1000 units available for pre-order, so if you’re interested in buying the device, head over to the source link below.



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Hello Don’t you think so that SAMSUNG has really gone insane about pricing for this version of Note in India? I agree there are some changes in Hardware & Software when compared with Note 2 but considering all these aspects it shouldn’t go beyond 35-36k in India. They just want to earn more & more money from the Indians. I myself was planning to buy this one but after seeing the price I’m dropping my idea & would prefer to go with Note 2 instead. I really don’t understand SAMSUNG’s strategy about pricing of Handsets in a price-specific country like… Read more »

reza karami
reza karami

Why doesn’t Samsung release Android 4.3 update for Iran (THR) Galaxy S4?
It’s been 5 months since they started to release the updates. But still they did not release for Iran (THR) phones.
For this reason I regret to buy Samsun