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Android is home to various kinds of services offered by Google, and on Samsung devices, these Google services have to make way for many of the Korean giant’s versions of competing services. Now, it looks like Samsung could be preparing to offer alternatives to Google’s Play Music and Play Movies services – a patent application at the US Patent and Trademark Office for “Samsung Milk Music” suggests the company is working on a new feature would allow users to access streaming music, internet radio (a feature commonly seen on Nokia’s Symbian phones in the past), and even video broadcasts and on-demand video.

Samsung already offers a few of these services in some form or the other through its Hub apps, but it looks like it is planning to consolidate everything under a single banner and give users a dedicated way to access various streaming services. It could be something similar to Apple’s iTunes, and it’s possible we’ll see it formally debut alongside the Galaxy S5 next week.



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