Samsung working on Galaxy Core Prima, Ultra, Max and Galaxy Ace Style?

 In what could be the most serious case of overloading the market with a flurry of not-so-different smartphones, it looks like Samsung is preparing multiple new variants of the Galaxy Core and a new handset called the Galaxy Ace Style. The Korean manufacturer recently applied for trademarks on the names Galaxy Core Prima, Galaxy Core UltraGalaxy Core Max, and Galaxy Ace Style at the US Patent and Trademark Office, suggesting that we could see its budget smartphone lineup expand considerably over the next few months.

As speculates, it’s possible that the three new Galaxy Core variants are simply the same device but for different carriers, which we really hope is the case, as we already have enough Galaxy Core variants in the market as it is. The Galaxy Ace Style sounds like it could be a Galaxy Ace Neo designed to fit in somewhere between the Galaxy Ace 2 and the Galaxy Ace 3, though we’ll have to wait for more details to leak before coming to a conclusion.

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