EU regulators to decide on fate of Samsung antitrust case in April

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Antitrust cases launched against Samsung will receive a final verdict in the month of April. EU’s antitrust authority has been investigating Samsung for over two years now, and in October 2013, the South Korean manufacturer indicated that it would be willing to compromise. Furthermore, Samsung announced that it would not take any more rivals to court over patent infringements in the next five years. Concurrently, it has signed a deal with Google, Ericsson and Cisco to avoid any such issues in the long-term and collaborate with these manufacturers to a closer extent.

Joaquin Almunia, EU’s antitrust chief and the judge presiding over this case, wanted more concessions from the manufacturer, and got it. “The latest commitment proposals by Samsung are good and the Commission should be able to adopt a final decision in April.” Usually, the Commission fines up to 10 percent of a firm’s global annual turnover, which would turn out to be huge amount in the case of Samsung, although considering the fact that regulators are satisfied with the concessions it made, the fine would likely be smaller. Along with Samsung, EU regulators are also looking into Motorola, after it was found that the manufacturer was trying to block Apple and Microsoft sales. The verdict on Motorola’s antitrust case will similarly be announced in April.


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