Samsung and Tata Motors announce a deal to bring in-car infotainment systems to Indian cars

Following a deal with Hyundai earlier this week, Samsung has announced that it will collaborate with Indian car manufacturer Tata Motors in providing in-car infotainment solutions. Tata Motors vehicles starting next year will feature Samsung’s Drive Link utility that works on MirrorLink. MirrorLink is a standard created by the Car Connectivity Consortium, and it aims to offer seamless connectivity between a mobile device and a car’s infotainment system. The technology gives users the ability to access their device from on-board car controls like the navigation screen and steering wheel buttons.

Tata Motors Passengers Vehicles Unit President Ranjit Yadav said during the announcement that this technology would be available in Tata’s volume segment cars, stating that it would not be restricted to higher-end models. He mentioned that Tata Motors and Samsung have been collaborating on this technology for the last six months, and that cars featuring this technology would be launched early next year. He said, “This is in our line of philosophy to offer new features to our customers to create differentiated products features that are relevant to the present and scalable for the future.”

Samsung has a similar deal with BMW, but this is the first time such technology would be available in Indian vehicles. Samsung India Electronics head of business Sameer Garde said that, “Samsung is also a mass market brand and this is a good partnership. This technology will provide connectivity to the user while on drive.”


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