Samsung’s Tizen phone (SM-Z9005) appears briefly on eBay

Samsung’s Tizen-powered phone, the SM-Z9005, made an appearance in blurry pictures just the other day, and it seems it isn’t done making its presence felt, as it reared its face today in crystal clear photos as it went up for sale on eBay for $300 briefly as a “New Tizen Samsung SM-Z9005 smartphone for apps development,” before the listing was taken down. The phone looks strikingly similar to the Galaxy S4, though a protective case prevents us from seeing it in its entirety.

The eBay listing revealed a few specs such as a 4.7-inch screen and 16GB storage, though previous rumors have suggested a 4.8-inch panel similar to the Galaxy S3′s. It’s possible the SM-Z9005 is the Tizen phone Samsung will show off at its Tizen event in Barcelona, though as a Samsung official recently said, a Tizen phone won’t be coming to market any time soon, partly because the company is waiting for Intel to bring outs its Merrifield chipset.

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3 years 3 months ago

While I agree that samsung will and should continue producing android based phones. I believe they could definitely bring tizen to the big markets as a serious player, given they have the experience and money to do so. Obviously touchwiz is a love hate issue based on subjective tastes. I actually like touchwiz and the additions that samsung bring to android. Given the time to develop tizen, ensuring they not rush it or release it in the state android was at it’d launch they’d have a serious contender for the market imo. Obviously the lack of an ecosystem and supporting apps is a mountain to climb vs android and apple, samsung has the money and resources to leverage tizen into something more than entry level devices. I actually think it would be good and force android to innovate more than they have been in recent years. After all its samsung who brought multiwindow, s pen integration, and became the face of android to the mainstream public….not google. So I wouldn’t count them out, not saying it would be some whirlwind market share stealer vs the big two, but could Def make waves as the average consumer doesn’t care what base rom lays beneath they’re favorite skin as we devs or android fans do.


3 years 3 months ago

Everybody knows that samsung is still making android phones,hence the 10 year agreement with Google.

They will also make tizen phones too which is their own project no harm in that at all

3 years 3 months ago

Tizen is an extremely obsolete and horrible design mobile OS. I want samsung to keep developping for android. Else, i will change manufacturer to an android manufacturer.