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Samsung Electronics and illycaffè, premium coffee roaster have formed a multiyear partnership that “aims at enhancing the consumer experience in their respective retail flagship stores.” As part of the deal, both companies will leverage each other’s strengths wherein illycaffè will give Samsung a superior coffee experience in their stores and events worldwide will the Korean company will help illycaffè digitalise their stores with Samsung devices.

Samsung will provide mobile devices like smartphones and tablets and other solutions that will be made specifically for illycaffè. The first store to get the Samsung treatment will be illycaffè’s Regent Street store in London and will even have “Samsung Angels” to provide assistance to customers on-site. New stores will be marked as “digitalized by Samsung” and illycaffè expects to expand to more stores by end of 2014.

The partnership is interesting to say the least but illycaffè’s CEO reckons Samsung as a “natural ally” since Samsung can help them develop new retail concept.


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3 years 11 months ago
Samsung has already opened a Pop Up store with Illycaffe in NYC featuring all of its Galaxy line. It is located in Soho – 130 Prince Street – and it features free Illy coffee, as long as you order through the Galaxy line of products available on site. Lots of freebies, such as customized T-shirts, coffee mugs, cup cakes and your own pictures. Fun and very spacious in a very cool area. The reps told me that they will be there till March 2014. The staff is helpful, but sort of shy and ditzy sometimes… But the store is certainly… Read more »