More images of Samsung’s new smartphone UI leak


Last updated: January 20th, 2014 at 08:18 UTC+02:00

Earlier this month, we were treated to images of what is supposedly part of Samsung’s new look for the interface on upcoming devices like the Galaxy S5, showing off new icons and Windows Phone-like tiles right on the home screen. Today, evleaks is back with more images of that interface, showing a cards-based home screen with more information visible than what we saw in the previously leaked pictures. At first glance, it’s easy to see the similarities with Samsung’s Magazine UX for its new PRO tablets, and it looks like the company has also taken inspiration from HTC’s BlinkFeed, which shows information tiles on one page of the home screen.

The cards in the images are showing off contextual information similar to Google Now, including flight status, fitness/activity information, current location, text messages, sport scores, biking/cycling information, and delivery tracking details. Considering the fact that Google does not allow any access to Now to third-parties (not yet, anyway), it’s possible Samsung is working on a service similar to Google’s extremely helpful personal assistant, one that could merge with S Voice to offer voice commands in an integrated manner (again, exactly like Google Now.)

More images of Samsung's new smartphone UI leak
This isn’t a single screenshot, but has been stitched together from multiple ones.

As we noted last time, this is likely an early prototype of Samsung’s new direction for TouchWiz, especially since the Android 4.4 rule of status bar icons being white aren’t being followed, so things could change drastically when (and if) the new interface shows up on a Samsung phone, most likely the Galaxy S5. While it does look like Samsung is taking inspiration from many sources (Windows Phone, HTC’s BlinkFeed), it certainly looks visually striking (and rather colorful) and a definitive step towards bettering the now outdated TouchWiz interface.


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