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Samsung gains more market share in the US

The Galaxy S III continues to be the most popular Samsung smartphone in the US, but sales of newer devices like the Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S4 have helped the Korean manufacturer further widen its lead over the competition in the country, achieving a growth from 22 percent to 26 percent of market share. The figures were published in a study by the NPD Group – Apple saw its share get a much larger boost than Samsung’s, but it is still an indication that Samsung’s dominance among other smartphone players isn’t coming to a stall just yet, and the arrival of the company’s next flagship might just help its further strengthen its hold in the US smartphone market.


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Not really.

Google’s Nexus 5 is the best Android phone.

The plus to Samsung is they the removable battery and the SD card slot.

The minus is Touchwiz and all the Samsung bloat.

Kies installs spyware


for a techy person nexus 5 is the best, for an average user that doesnt need root or flash customize roms Samsung got it all. They have a lot of features where you can’t find on other phones. I played with nexus 5(almost purchased it) but missing features which decided me not to. If you want speed go for pure google experience, if you want features i will go for Samsung.


Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung period end of story on the android platform. Samsung is all that matters period.