Galaxy Note 3 Lite (aka Neo) listed on online stores

The Galaxy Note 3 Neo (previously known as Galaxy Note 3 Lite) is all but confirmed thanks to several leaks in the last week, but Samsung still hasn’t made it official. That hasn’t stopped some retailers from listing the device on their website, further confirming its imminent arrival (in March). However, the phone is listed with its internal name (Note 3 Lite) instead of its market name, so it’s possible retailers are listing it preemptively just to get people excited. The price is a tad too high at 560 Euros, which would basically make it as costly as the Galaxy Note 3 in some countries; also odd is the February 3 launch date mentioned on one site, which in itself is a good indication that the retailer listings aren’t exactly meant to be taken too seriously at the moment.



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