Samsung working on Galaxy NX Mini Android-based camera?

Could Samsung be bringing the concept of mini variants of devices to its Android-based dedicated cameras? It certainly seems so – Samsung has recently applied for a trademark to a product named Galaxy NX Mini, hinting at the company’s plans to launch a lesser-powered variant of the Galaxy NX, the Android-powered mirrorless camera that was launched in November last year with features like interchangeable lenses.

The application for trademark registration was filed after Christmas, so it’s possible we’ll see a formal announcement of the Galaxy NX Mini at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February. Details on what downgrades the Mini tag in the camera’s name will result in remain a mystery, though the lack of interchangeable lens or a lower megapixel count is probably on the cards.



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3 years 3 months ago

Please let this be true!

I liked the original version but 1000€ is too expencive.
I hope the mini version will be budget friendlier and it will be without the lack of interchangeable lens or a lower megapixel count.

They could lower the RAM-memory and the cores to cut the price. (I hope)