Samsung launches Share Box and Samsung Link apps on Windows Phone

Samsung has launched two exclusive apps for its Windows Phone devices on the OS’ app store. The first one is Share Box, which lets users share multimedia content with other DLNA-compatible devices (like your DLNA-enabled TV). The other app is Samsung Link, one that is found on Samsung’s Android devices as well, and lets you open photos, music, videos and other content from a cloud account and/or other devices connected to that cloud account.

Samsung reportedly isn’t done with Windows Phone just yet, with rumors suggesting Microsoft is offering the Korean manufacturer some capital to re-enter the Windows Phone market. Perhaps that is the reason behind the two new apps, or maybe Samsung is just trying to look after the folks that bought its WP devices before Nokia captured the entire WP market, but either way, new apps are always nice, so go ahead and hit the download links below if you own a Samsung Windows Phone device.

DownloadSamsung Link | Share Box



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