Samsung SM-G900F shows up in shipping. Is this the “super premium” Galaxy S5?

Just when a device that could possibly be the Galaxy S5 showed up in benchmarks (SM-G900S), another device that looks to be a separate variant of the S5 has made an appearance in a shipping manifest, further cementing the possibility that Samsung has begun testing its next flagship in earnest. A SM-G900F was shipped to India on December 2nd for testing, and while this could be a variant for a particular carrier or region or the variant with Samsung’s Exynos processor, the separate model numbers also fit in well with previous rumors of Samsung making two versions of the S5.

These rumors suggested that Samsung has begun working on a super-premium series of flagship phones called the Galaxy F, and it might just be that the SM-G900F is the super-premium variant of the Galaxy S5. This premium version could be the one Samsung is ordering all those metal chassis for, while keeping the faux leather back for the standard Galaxy S5 (SM-G900S), and also the one on which Samsung would use its rumored fingerprint technology.

Of course, this is just speculation, so you’re free to make of it what you will. A market launch of the Galaxy S5 is still a couple of months away, and I’m sure we’ll see more details leak in the coming days to back up or refute the rumors and leaks that have run rampant lately.



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