Samsung Argentina unveils two new colours for Galaxy Note 3, Red and Rose Gold

Yesterday, we reported that Samsung will soon be unveiling the Galaxy Note 3 in two brand new colours, Red and Rose Gold. And today, Samsung Argentina updated its Galaxy Note 3 product page with both of the new colours. There are no differences in specifications between the new colour variants and the old ones, except the colour difference obviously.

The Red variant will launch in the first week of 2014, while the Rose Gold version will follow two weeks later – these are tentative time frames, but you can expect both new colour variants to be out in the market by the end of January. According to our source, availability will be worldwide, though it’s possible we might see retailers and carriers getting an exclusive claim on the new colours for a particular period of time (especially in the US).

We must say the Red variant of the Galaxy Note 3 looks stunning! What do you think about the new Galaxy Note 3 colours?





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Sorry Messi if you buy any of these you won’t be able to use them at Barcelona since they are region locked.


Do you know if the back covers for this will be available? I have jet black but I want to try different back covers