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Samsung shows off concepts for possible flexible display devices


Last updated: November 4th, 2013 at 09:34 UTC+02:00

After much rumors and speculation, a device with a flexible display was finally unveiled by Samsung in the Galaxy Round, followed by LG with the LG G Flex. However, while we were all expecting something similar to what we see in sci-fi movies, these devices don’t make much use of flexible displays, other than using them to curve the screen from a particular angle.

While curved screens do have advantages, it won’t be a few years before we actually see things like devices with displays that can be folded and/or curved in ways that a user sees fit, but Samsung has provided a look at what might be possible with flexible displays in the future, to the folks over at From a smartphone that can be folded and then fit in one’s wallet, to student desks with displays on top, it’s a nice peek at where Samsung might be looking to take flexible displays, though again, it will probably be a few years before these are realized in actual devices.

Hit the source link for more pictures and details on the flexible display concepts.



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