Phone believes Samsung Galaxy Round doesn’t feature YOUM display technology

OLED information website isn’t sure if Samsung used YOUM display technology inside their first flexible display device, the Galaxy Round. says that not a single time Samsung mentioned “YOUM” in their Press Releases. We at SAMMobile HQ have a single Galaxy Round unit but we won’t open it up just to confirm if it uses the YOUM display technology or not. However, we will ask our sources to send us a service manual so we will be able to exactly confirm if this is the case or not. Stay tuned for that!


The Galaxy Round is currently only available in Samsung’s home country Korea and it doesn’t come cheap, it costs $1000 (U.S. Dollars). The specifications of the device are the same as the Galaxy Note 3 except S-PEN features and functionality. SamMobile will post full review of the Galaxy Round sometime in November.

Samsung has ” Youm leave “as a brand for flexible OLEDs protect. In no single press information or data sheet of this name is mentioned. Therefore, we are convinced that this OLED still on a glass substrate is produced.



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