Samsung Galaxy S III and S4 mini get price cuts in India

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Samsung has slashed the prices of two of its existing smartphones in India. The Galaxy S III, the company’s yesteryear flagship, is now available for INR 24,900 (~$400), down from the previous price of around INR 27,000 (~$441); meanwhile, the Galaxy S4 mini now starts from INR 22,900 (~$375), instead of INR 26,000 (~$425). The price cuts have gone into effect at both online retailers (such as Flipkart) and brick and mortar stores.

At INR 24,900, the Galaxy S III is a great deal, thanks to its quad-core processor, beautiful 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display, 8-megapixel camera, and feature-packed Android 4.1.2 (with an Android 4.3 update incoming) – however, the Nexus 4 is available for a similar price with faster hardware and the advantage of quick and long update support from Google, so the price cut might not have as much as an effect on sales as Samsung is hoping, though it should let the company clear out of existing stocks.

As for the Galaxy S4 mini, the new price is something of an oddity – for just a little extra cash, one can buy the Galaxy S III, so only those on an extremely tight budget will be likely to pick this one up, or those that are in search of phone with a display size that’s easy to use with one hand.


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