RegionLock Away app removes region lock from Samsung Galaxy Note 3 [Root]

Most of you tinkerers and flashaholics are familiar with TriangleAway, an app by popular developer Chainfire that resets the flash counter that gets incremented every time you flash a Samsung device with a custom firmware or kernel, and now, it’s time to meet RegionLock Away, Chainfire’s latest creation that can disable the region lock that Samsung has put on the Galaxy Note 3.

The region lock, which has been heavily criticized over the past week or so for not working the way Samsung said it does, is not exactly a SIM lock as was previously thought – a SIM lock whitelists a particular carrier for use with the device, but Samsung’s region lock does the opposite and blacklists a number of countries and carriers on the Note 3. RegionLock Away removes the network blacklist, negating the need to buy an unlock code that you’d normally need to remove the region lock. There’s a possibility that firmware upgrades may activate the region lock by updating the blacklist, but for now, RegionLock Away should do the trick.

RegionLock Away is in its early stages and has currently been tested only on the Snapdragon variant of the Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N9005), though it is being reported to be working on some US variants as well. You’ll need to have root access, though if you’re not too comfortable with trying out experimental tools, you should steer clear of attempting anything at this point.

RegionLock Away can be downloaded for free from its XDA thread, where you’ll also get all the details on how the app works, or for $2.79 from the Play Store if you wish to support Chainfire (something you should definitely do). Go grab it.



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“RegionLock Away is in its early stages and has currently been tested only on the Exynos variant of the Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N9005)”

since when does the SM N9005 is considered as the exynos variant? Huh?