Deutsche Telekom bringing Galaxy S4 LTE-A (with Snapdragon 800) to Germany

German carrier Deutsche Telekom has announced its plans to upgrade its LTE networks to LTE-A, which will support speeds of up to 150mbps, and in order to let their subscribers take advantage of the higher speeds, the carrier is planning on launching the LTE-A variant of the Galaxy S4, which has been available in South Korea for a while now.

The standard variant of the device will be gradually phased out and replaced by the LTE-A variant, according to T-Mobile. The LTE-A variant will be much faster in processing as well, as it will sport a Snapdragon 800 processor, the most powerful there is in the market, accompanying those blazing fast LTE speeds.


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Good. If Germany has the S4 LTE-A, the rest of the world can’t be too far behind in getting this variant.