Samsung Galaxy Note III display panel leaks out in pictures yet again

Well, it looks like Samsung is freely handing out the display panel of the Galaxy Note III, as the display panel of the device has appeared in leaked pictures a third time in the last couple of days. The pictures show both the black and white color panels, which are the colors the device will be initially available in (followed by pink and perhaps others).

Again, it’s noticeable right off the bat that we’re basically looking at a taller Galaxy S4, and previously seen pictures revealed that it will be similar in size to the Galaxy Note II, but a little taller and with thinner bezels (that let Samsung keep the width the same as the Note II’s). However, the newest pictures look kinda fake and more like concepts, not to mention the positions of the back and menu button have switched, which makes me think we might not be looking at actual Note III display panels here (As readers pointed out, the buttons are in the same position, they’re just mirrored as the photos have been taken from behind, though I’m still not sold on the credibility of these photos).


But hey, it’s not long before what’s right and what’s made-up is revealed to use, so let’s just refrain from too much speculation for now. What do you guys think? Are these pictures fake or could they be the real deal?


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