Samsung Galaxy Note III coming to Three UK on September 16th, leaked internal doc reveals

It was only a couple of days back when a rumor indicated the launch date of the Galaxy Note III in Taiwan would be September 27, with pre-orders starting as early as September 16. Now, it looks like the latter date is when the device will go up for pre-order worldwide, as a leaked roadmap of UK carrier Three has revealed.

The roadmap lists the Galaxy Note III as arriving on September 16th, and also notes that it will not be “announced until 4th September,” the day we all know Samsung has chosen to unveil the phablet and the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Oh, and the roadmap also states the announcement of the Sony Xperia Z1 will be on the 4th as well, confirming that Sony is looking to steal a bit of the thunder of Samsung’s event (though whether they are really successful at it remains to be seen).


Of course, there’s still the question of when consumers will actually get the Note III in their hands, but the previous rumor and the leaked roadmap suggests that at least pre-orders will start around the same time the world over. Fingers crossed for an actual launch before September ends (though the U.S. launch will most likely be later on in October or November at a dedicated event).



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Xperia Z & Tablet Z on Samsung’s launch date list?? 😆


It’s Three’s leaked document.

Not a document from Samsung.

Please read the article.


Lol my bad? :p