Samsung starts advertising BlackBerry Messenger for Galaxy devices

Samsung had earlier announced that it would be offering BlackBerry Messenger on its Android smartphones in Africa (on the Samsung Apps hub) once the Canadian company launched BBM for Android, and now it looks like marketing for the upcoming messaging app (the one we’re all impatiently waiting for, right?) has begun in earnest, which hints at a possibility of a launch being very near.

According to CrackBerry, advertising has currently started in a few regions where Samsung sells its smartphones. There’s an ad on YouTube and also on Facebook, though they aren’t exactly very appealing. But then again, for a messaging platform that’s going to go cross-platform for the first time in history, even word of mouth might be enough to create lots of interest.

Here’s the YouTube ad for BlackBerry Messenger by Samsung.


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Narciso neto
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3 years 8 months ago

love it ^_^ go sam