Samsung reduces 55-inch OLED TV price in Korea

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Samsung recently began shipping its curved OLED TV in South Korea and now they’ve announced a major price reduction for the home market. The new price of the curved OLED TV is 9.9 million won ($8,910) compared to the previous price of 15 million ($13,500). That’s a reduction of 34% and frankly quite a big cut. The reason for such a big price reduction is to offer a competitive price in the OLED TV market and secondly due to improved manufacturing yields.

But what about the buyers who got the TV at the original price? Samsung has confirmed to compensate them but hasn’t divulged how and when that will happen.

Nevertheless, it is good news for consumers as it paves the way for cheaper OLED TVs in the near future.



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4 years 5 months ago

Hoping for the price dip down under $5,000.