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Recently Samsung showed off the future of Samsung Display at the MobileBeat conference 2013. Samsung showed off the flexible FOLED (flexible OLED) technology, which on unfolding makes the smartphone into an almost tablet-sized device. The foldable displays are the future according to Samsung. We must say it looks pretty nice. We expect foldable displays in the coming years.


Another reality point is Samsung’s health care. Samsung thinks health monitoring will be a big thing in the future and to emphasise on their focus, the video shows a disposable RFID chip in the form of a wearable patch that can be used to send vital health signs of the wearer to the new phone. The data can be directly forwarded to the wearer’s physician. The video states that an “electromagnetic wave generator and detector are integrated in the patch sensor.” Now when we move back to Samsung’s current health app S Health, Samsung could really take advantage of the wearable accessories like smart watch. People care about their health and we do think Samsung’s combination of S Health application with new future products included those sensor technology could help out Samsung’s perfect health care services.

Our question: Do you use Samsung’s S Health application?

*We asked Samsung Display for a better video.


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