Gold, Platina or Rose Gold Galaxy S4 available

So you want a premium finish on the Galaxy S4?? Well here it is a gold draped Galaxy S4 for the stunning price of around the 2000 Euro’s.samsung_s4_2_1

It is available at GoldGenie a company that loves to make golden phones. So this is the ultimate premium finish for a phone. Which is by the way also available in Platina and Rose Gold and it will come in a gorgeous wooden box. You can check the images is the gallery down below.

Under the hood this is the same Galaxy S4 as any other. It has the same full HD amoled screen, runs on Android 4.2.2, Quad Core Processor and a 13 Megapixel camera.

So if you have a big enough budget and you want a premium finish phone this will be THE phone for you.


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