Samsung and plastic – hate it or love it

Since the first Galaxy S product, the build quality of Samsung products is a hot item. Many customers blame Samsung about the cheap plastic feeling of their premium high-range line. Yesterday, Cnet had a conversation with Mr. Y.H. Lee, executive vice president of Samsung’s mobile business. He explained why Samsung uses plastic in their smartphones. One of the reasons that Samsung uses plastic in their smartphones is because of the time-limit. Samsung expect more and more sales every year which simply means more premium builds like on the new HTC One or the Apple iPhone takes too much time. For brands like Apple and HTC, they are able to do this because they produce a low amount of smartphones than Samsung. The Galaxy S III’s plastic glossy back gives a cheap look, in our opinion, but when you hold the device it feels solid and nice. We do understand people want a better build quality from Samsung but this not possible.

Mr Lee didn’t mention anything about the Galaxy S IV but he did said that Samsung will still use plastic in future products. He even said the feeling of their new high-range products are great. So probably the Galaxy S IV will use plastic. Earlier, SamMobile reported about the Galaxy S IV’s build quality. Glass on the front, aluminium on the sides and plastic on the back. Now we have to say the ATIV S, Samsung’s latest High-end smartphone, feels great in the hand even better than the Galaxy S III. We are not that worried about the plastic back.

Yes Samsung uses plastic and yes we don’t like it but Samsung improved the quality of their plastic a lot since the first Galaxy S. Let’s hope Samsung does the same this time with the Galaxy S IV.

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4 years 1 month ago

I allways use a case for my Galaxy Phone’s (SGS 1 and SGS 2) so no loosing of ‘cheap’ Paint.
For me plastic is the best, no poor reception caused by metal phone bodys. So i for me do not understanding the hype people turn on unibody, metal, glass front and back etc.
Hopfully there will nevre been an other glas part next the screen on a galaxy device. See what happens to nexus 4, Iphone 4 etc.
The build quality of my two samsung devices is excellent, and both backsides (SGS1 3 years old and SGS2 15 Months old) are still in a very good condition.
Exchangeable Battery and an SD-Slot are a must have feature of a smartphone for me.
SO i for me have absolutely NO Problems that samsung is using a high quality ‘plastic’!

4 years 1 month ago

I had one I9100 and now a N7100, they fell so many times on the ground that I lost the count and still working, got some scratches but nothing big. The Galaxy SII has fighted against the ground during almost 3 years, and the Note II almost got inside the ground and the screen still like new, and the plastic of them never broke.

I would like to see them starting to build new smartphones with a better quality
But I can’t complain.

4 years 1 month ago

I agree that the build quality is not the best, but it personally doesn’t bother me to much…the phone feels absolutely fine, its light enough, sturdy enough..i put a case on my devices anyway, and im sure a lot of people do aswell…the build is good enough to last for 2 years(more if you dont upgrade)…if you dont like it, simply don’t get it…

4 years 1 month ago

“Yes Samsung uses plastic and yes we don’t like it but Samsung improved the quality of their plastic a lot since the first Galaxy S.” Well i own a S3, i got myself a plastic protection for it and aplied it. No problems. The plastic on the back plate was getting dirty after some time so i went to take it out pulling softly, but then the “hyperglaze” just came off with it. I had to buy and original back plate, and it wasn’t cheap as the plastic it’s made from. So i’m really in for the Xperia Z quality, aside for it bringing last year hardware. I really like Samsung phones, they’re the only brand that made me switch from Nokia but now i’m really seeing why everyone is upset by build quality. My Galaxy S that i owned, pre S3, started to lose the “chromed” cheap paint, it just got ugly.

4 years 1 month ago

The time-limit is a fake reason. If they truly wanted to ditch the plastic, they could have done it. Apple sold more iPhones than Samsung sold SIII and they had the time to build them. Instead of focusing on a superior quality build phone, Samsung prefers to release 40 new types of phones every year (to cover all sections from lower-end to high-end phones). So Mr. Lee’s statement is a bluff. It’s all about the profit, not the time-limit.