Samsung Mobile makes more money than Google

How funny is that Samsung is making more money than Google thanks to Samsung’s own Galaxy line.
Google makes money by selling the Android OS to operators. Of course Samsung is one of the biggest sellers of Google’s OS. But the price of all Samsungs phones is worth more than all Googles Android licences.

Since the beginning of Samsung’s Galaxy line, Samsungs income is  getting better and better.
Today Asymco reported that Samsung has more income from the mobile branch than Google can get.
Samsung shipped over 58 million mobile phones in the last quarter only.

The question is how long will Samsung keep this winning line.
Of course the Galaxy products by Samsung are hot, but Samsung needs to invest more and more money on new innovations. Samsung’s biggest rival is LG coming up with hot new smartphones next year. Other Asian companies like Sony, ZTE and HUAWEI are also very busy to bring more and more smartphones to the market.

An other problem by Samsung is Samsung’s own eco-system.
Many Galaxy owners aren’t happy with Samsung because of it’s delay in their own eco-system for software updates.
Since Google releases a new Android version almost every year, people expect Samsung to update their smartphone faster.
A downside in this story is that the most people are content with their smartphone. They are not expecting fast updates, most people even don’t know about newer Android versions. Samsung is also one of the companies that update their own mobile phones the fastest.

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4 years 5 months ago

I agree with comments above. I am an owner of an galaxy s2 (first android phone i had since my switch from iphones). Software wise i would never go back to apple’s ecosystem. Also i would never buy a samsung phone because the lack of support for AOSP roms and because the designs of the phones are not really for my personal taste (like the S3). Since day 1 with my galaxy i installed custom roms to make my expirience with samsung more plasuarble, and saw the struggles of devs trying to get a stable ROM with the missing driver sources and documentation of samsungs hardware. I would reconsider my decision maybe when samsung would offer TouchWiz free phones and better designs. You might say “hey he’s just one of those guys that have a more technical insight..most users don’t care, don’t know or don’t notice those things”, but you would be wrong right here. We are the ones that normal people follow for advice when buying a new smartphone. And the next advice would be to avoid samsung phones.

4 years 5 months ago

With this success’ scale, the danger(s) of slipping into comfy complacency are very real. Right now Samsung are heading into past (that almost killed) Nokia/RIM’s territory. They’re flooding the mid – low range Galaxies out w/ no real efficient fw/sw umbrella policy. An unnecessary risk that pisses off more users than it should. Even for cheaper devices, people just don’t change those like underwear.

Sure you may argue that lower cost Galaxies are good for emerging markets and the numbers speak for themselves. But for how long and at what cost? Compounded by the fact that Samsung seem to struggle against its own hedges; WP8, Bada and Tizen which brings us to >>>

The ecosystem….Focus isn’t easy. And Samsung clearly lack the crucial dev talent + execution so far is a mess. I know how important it is to shape a sw/services’ ecosys in a mobile platform but putting up a walled garden on an Android environ are just dumb. That needs to change and that’s what they’re doing wrong.

4 years 5 months ago

I hope they offer pure Roms like HTC soon, with this slow Touchwiz update i don´t buy any Samsung mobile anymore …

4 years 5 months ago

Fool who built his house upon the sand..

patron miguel angel
4 years 5 months ago

soy cliente samsung galaxy note argentina

como tal pienso que samsung con la venta del s2 pudo fabricar el s3 con la venta y ganancia del note 1 pudo fabricar el note 2, con la venta del s3 y sus ganancias fabricara el s4 y asi sucesivamente sus activos estan en los clientes por lo cual su touchwiz ux nature mejoro por eso deben mantener actualizado sus telefono porque los clientes delhoy pueden ser los del futuro un ejemplo seira que los dueños del galaxy note 1 al tener actualizaciones podran en un futuro pensar adquirir un galaxy note 3 por las politicas de actualizaciones.
que pasaria si samsung compra al grupo aosp? o

4 years 5 months ago

If i were a cell phone company, i’d start selling android phones with AOSP system and 100% Hardware open-sourced.

That’s the main asset google has in his (almost) non-lucrative cheap cell phones.