T-Mobile TAS-systems confirms Galaxy S II Plus and Galaxy S III Mini

Couple of weeks ago we reported about the Galaxy S III Mini and the Galaxy S II Plus.
Today a Dutch website called confirmed both devices. The information comes from the T-Mobile TAS-system (T-Mobile Activation system).
T-Mobile uses this system to activate mobile phone numbers.
According to GsmHelpdesk both phones will come to The Netherlands very soon.
If Samsung will announce both phones in this quarter remains the question.

Earlier we of SamMobile reported that Samsung had delayed the Galaxy S II plus till  January 2013.
But the schedule for the Galaxy S III Mini is still December!

Also we found out the specifications of both devices a month ago!
The Galaxy S III Mini will use a 4” Super AMOLED display, 5 megapixel camera, latest Android version and will have a dual-core CPU.
Kind of the new Galaxy S  (GT-I9000) .

The other rumoured device Galaxy S II plus (GT-I9105) will almost use the same specification as the Galaxy S II. You only will see a higher clocked CPU 1.4 dual-core and a better screen resolution.
Both phones run the latest version of Android.

source (Translated)


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This is not good even though I am a Samsung fan and a proud owner of Galaxy S3, Samsung keeps on releasing new phones making the other ones look old!! Oh come on do not confuse customers Samsung! Just release one or 2 flagship phones every year thats more than good enough! Just 1 or 2 and make the most precious components out of it.