TIZEN conference in San Francisco.

Tomorrow starts the first ”BIG” TIZEN conference in San Francisco.
The confernce will take 3 days of time.
The next speakers will be there:

  • Imad Sousou– Director, Intel Open Source Technology Center
  • Jong-Deok Choi– Executive Vice President, Samsung
  • Dave Johnson– Senior Engineering Manager, Adobe Systems
  • Dr. Nagata– Senior Vice President, Docomo
  • James Pearce – Head of Developer Relations, Facebook

The big question will be if Samsung will show the first working TIZEN device based on TIZEN 1.0?
Will TIZEN be the follow-up of bada or is Samsung putting bada OS on low end-devices only?
Who knows…

One thing for sure is Samsung wants its own OS, Samsung is even looking to buy a company which makes software.
Intel could be a big partner in this.
Hardware isn’t the problem for Samsung but it is the software.

Below a preview how TIZEN looks like.
Because they use a SDK module everything looks really slow.
But believe us INTEL’S and Samsung EXYNOS processors are really fast.

So please do not take the speed of this movie seriously.

source movie

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