Samsung start bada 2.0 updates for Wave 575

Samsung started with the first bada 2.0 updates for the Samsung Wave 575.
The update is at the moment only for: Hong Kong.
You can update your S5750E in Hong Kong through Samsung KIES to bada 2.0
Bada 2.0 will make your phone faster and the looks will be nicer.

At the moment we are waiting for the first screenshots. (thanks swap002)
You can download this firmware also through our firmware page.

Firmware: S5750EZHLD3
Bada: 2.0
Date: 2012 April
Country Hong Kong

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3 years 10 months ago

Firmware: S5750E corè

4 years 11 months ago

any idea when the bada 2 will be avliable in the middle east??? :\

4 years 11 months ago

Great Bada 2.0 in wave 575 i need the versión in Open Europ not Hong Kong

4 years 11 months ago

God, i need Bada 2 for 723 really bad :-D With 1.1 i feel like my phone is bricked XD
But seriously, there are few new apps on SamsungApps i´d like to download, but they are for Bada 2 only… and Bada 2 is not yet available (officialy)…. wtf Bada developers? :-D

5 years 3 hours ago

Hey, why were there still no bada 2.0 upgrade for Wave in Hong Kong, and have one for 575? Should it be another way round? I want 2.0 for S8500!!!!! Please!!!!!

5 years 4 hours ago

he start he update,asian bada 2.0(8500) also haven let them all update

5 years 10 hours ago

i flashed my w575 with this firmware, and i notice that the phone become slow and freez on some heavy operation !!!!!
the previous firmware was europeane open and i flash it with the honkong bada 2, is this the cause?

5 years 11 hours ago

Also i have a question dear sammobile moderators.
Any news about I9000 software upgrades?
Lıke ,is Turkey gonna get any new firmware?
We stuck at 2.3.3 JV9 :( :(
greetz from Turkei

5 years 12 hours ago

why only china dejavu lb4

5 years 13 hours ago

We waiting For More Stable Bada 2.0 Firmware For Upper Version of Waves :P