Samsung denies copying iPhone features, claims branding was key to success

The latest instalment in the Apple Samsung trial sees the South Korean manufacturer stating that it did not copy any iPhone features, and that its marketing efforts were what led to the success of the Galaxy series of handsets. Samsung Amer…


Samsung has to look beyond smartphones for growth

Samsung may have to find an alternate growth area to counter slow sales of its smartphones. Although the Galaxy S5 got off to a great start by selling 30 percent more than the Galaxy S4, analysts estimate that the device would not be able t…


Russian government dumps iPad in favor of Samsung tablets

The U.S. government might still be hanging on to BlackBerry and only just starting to take a look at Samsung devices as potential replacements, but over in Russia, the Korean manufacturer has managed a considerable win as the country's gove…


Samsung and Apple took 87% of smartphone market profits in last six years

It's no secret that Samsung and its arch-rival Apple enjoy the lion's share of profits generated by the smartphone industry, with the two companies having accounted for more than 109 percent of profit as a result of other companies bleedin…


Why Samsung doesn’t ditch the hardware home button on its phones and tablets

The mobile industry has called out Samsung on many things, but one of the most recurring criticisms leveled at the Korean manufacturer's smartphones and tablets - especially by the tech-savvy and geekier folks - is their continued use of th…


Rumour: Samsung and Paypal could make payments much easier

There is a possibility that Samsung and PayPal might announce a partnership at the Samsung UNPACKED 2014 event on February 24 in Barcelona, because we have just received information which points towards a collaboration between the two compa…


Samsung Galaxy S5 to feature 16MP Camera Sensor, Side Touch, New Camera Modes and Effects

On Monday, we confirmed that the Galaxy S5 will feature a fingerprint sensor and also explained how it's being implemented by Samsung. Last week we received a plethora of trusted information regarding Samsung's upcoming flagship device, the…

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SamMobile 3.0: A New Chapter

Founders of SamMobile, Danny Dorresteijn, Martin Reinders and Johan Nenzen, have appointed me, Faryaab Sheikh, as the new Editor-In-Chief of SamMobile. I have been with SamMobile for over a year now, first as a News Writer, then as a Senior…




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