Snapdragon 805 version of Note 3 might launch later this year

Samsung has collaborated with Qualcomm to demonstrate LTE Category 6 connectivity at the Mobile World Congress. The device used to showcase the connectivity was a Galaxy Note 3 that was modified to run the Snapdragon 805, which features a f…


Samsung, Qualcomm and others join hands on ‘Rezence’, a resonance wireless charging standard

In the middle of October, a rumor emerged suggesting Samsung was working on introducing magnetic resonance wireless charging in its phones in 2014, and now it looks like the company has taken a step towards achieving that goal. The Alliance…


Samsung, Facebook, and others join forces to lower barriers to internet access

In this connected world, there's still around 5 billion people who do not have internet access. As saturation arrives in already connected markets, these unconnected people are who technology companies will focus on next to keep their busin…



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