Samsung’s next big thing could be the Selfie Camera Drone

Now that we’ve revealed a fair amount of details about Samsung’s upcoming flagships, the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 edge+, here’s something new. Samsung is working on its next big thing dubbed Project Selfie Camera Drone, and it is something completely different from smartphones, tablets, or wearable devices. It turns out that the company is working on a drone for clicking selfies.

Details regarding the drone are thin at the moment as nothing has been finalised yet, but it could be something like the Lily Camera that was in the limelight recently. Samsung always tries to bring new products to the market, just as it did with the Gear smartwatches/fitness trackers as well as virtual reality headsets. There’s a fair amount of consumer interest in drones these days, and OnePlus launched a mini drone a few months back. If Samsung brings a finished product with good battery life, it could be a hit product, especially with sports junkies and adventurous folks.

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1 year 27 days ago

It’ll never fly. People want drones with MicroSD and removable batteries. And since Samsunk is against innovation now, it’ll never happen. Unless Apple makes a drone, only then will Samsunk have the need to copy.

1 year 29 days ago

Just concerned that every-single individual’s privacy might be breached. And, this what-if drone by Samsung, may start a new trend of gadgets.

1 year 29 days ago

Before “Lily” there was Samsung Techwin R&D’ing Drone Technology. Recently that’s gone into peaceful products, instead of Military Armed Aerial Drones and land Robotic Surveillance. With

With the = theguardian dot com technology story on: samsung-independent-drone-robotics-virtual-reality-lab (search it, it’s one of their fairly new Techwin labs in UK)!

That project is now under the “Hanwha Company”. Which has purchased Techwin with exclusive license to Samsung Group. Though they won’t own it, all technology innovations will ultimately be Samsung’s. The Samsung Techwin “Cube Copter” is a result of transferring Techwin’s military expertise into the public sector! …..and unlike what this reports says, it’s completely operational now! site: thedronereviewer dot com samsung-techwins-cube-copter

1 year 29 days ago

Thanks for writing this positive Samsung story. Not that Samsung’s Techwin Division (actually sold off in order to gain a more diverse customer base are the ones behind development of this technology. Although the impetus for this so called selfie camera has nothing to do with selfies in the first place. It revolves around South Korea’s DMZ with North Korea and keeping people safe.

Techwin is one of the most innovative technology development companies on the planet. From military “In the Field” Robotic Surgery to border drones that not only can take pictures, but carry weapons in unmanned operations to keep the South Safe from invasion by the North. Samsung and Techwin have always been there. In fact the Military arm of Samsung makes jet engines for Fighter Jets, Mobile Howitzers, unmanned reconnaissance drones, etc.

So a Selfie Drone becomes just one way Samsung has to bring some of that automated technology to consumers! Great for them, as they look to the FUTURE in Terms as Always… Being in the… NOW Moment in TIME!!!

1 year 29 days ago

Please forward this to any of the Samsung execs/management (if any of u have their addresses) …

Dear Samsung,

Please stop wasting precious resources (effort/time/RnD/cash …) on stupid shit like this yet there are real problems that need solving e.g improving battery tech, improving your support and software offerings e.t.c

Leave such projects to enthusiasts, tinkerers and startups.

Yours truly/faithfully,
Samsung Fan

1 year 29 days ago

Samsung “fan”? ROTFLOL!

1 year 29 days ago

lol… I got a kick out of your extended “acronym” reaction to such a Applewellian Doublethink simultaneous Love/Hate, saying two things that mean the opposite at the same time! ha…. These iDiotic statements are always comical! :D …..a demonstration of forked tongue, two faced idiocy at it’s finest!!!

1 year 28 days ago

Well, ur name calling and assuming that am an Apple fan show where ur intelligence peaks at !

I hoped my post would inspire u to think – Jack of all trades master of none.

Truth be told am rooting for Samsung, most of the gadgets I own are Samsung devices. Am really hoping my favorite tech company does not end up like Nokia, Sony or Blackberry (or any other companies that failed to concentrate on their core strengths).