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[Update: Galaxy S III, too] Verizon’s Galaxy S4 mini getting KitKat update


The KitKat updates just keep on coming. We saw the latest version of the OS go out to the Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II, and the Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 yesterday, and now the chocolaty update is making its way to the Galaxy S4 mini on Verizon. The update carries build number KOT49H.I435VRUBND5 and is currently rolling out over the air, and in addition to the usual KitKat features, brings changes such as KNOX 2.0, font size options in Samsung’s messaging app, and Verizon’s Cloud and Emergency Alerts apps as extra bloatware (though the latter should come in handy.)

Expect the update to pop on your Galaxy S4 mini in the next few days, though you can try mashing that Check for updates button in the Settings » General/More » About phone » Software updates menu if you’re the impatient kind. It shouldn’t be long before the update hits the international model (the Black Edition has already started getting it) and other US carrier variants, though we can’t naturally give out an estimate on when that will happen considering it’s all in Samsung’s hands.


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11 comments on “[Update: Galaxy S III, too] Verizon’s Galaxy S4 mini getting KitKat update

  1. gtone339 8 months ago said:

    No GS5 design UI?

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  2. u1988 8 months ago said:

    No kit kat to S3 internal we hate you samsung :(

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  3. rusko1980 8 months ago said:

    nothing for sch i535 verizon s3 crapp

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  4. prasantino 8 months ago said:

    how to get back to official jb 4.2.2 from 4.4.2 of s4 mini ?
    i tried flashing with odin it says fail !

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  5. MeGaBeSuNTa 8 months ago said:

    People who have Galaxy S3 International (GT-i9300), just use a custom rom that is brilliant. Search for Paranoid Android for galaxy s3.
    I Have my S3 on 4.4.3 and the rom is 100% stable and much more quick that the 4.3 official from samsung. Already tried the officials and some custom roms including Cyanogen but in my opinion Paranoid Android is the best

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  6. BONEID 8 months ago said:

    Even mini gets it before i9506. Should’ve bought i9505.

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  7. Normile29 8 months ago said:

    can yall please post the download link for the galaxy s3 verizon 4.4.2 kitkat please? I tryed to downgrade to 4.3 because i didnt necessaraly like the update and now i need that firmware .tar file so i can flash it via odin because it has a new knox bootloader 2.0 and it wont let you downgrade haha i know that now and i just need the firmware link as soon as yall can get it up pleaaaasssseeee?????????

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  8. hayfamermer 8 months ago said:

    i9190 kitkat?

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  9. rusko1980 8 months ago said:

    ok somebody is liar here,the firmware which they called kitkat on Verizon S3 SCH I535 named JSS15J.I535VRUCNC1 is not a kitkat its aandorid 4.3 jelly bean,clearly someone is liar here,where the hell is 4.4.2 kitkat Verizon???? My device get this update thru odin but it shows its a jelly bean rom 4.3.

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  10. IanGustavvo 8 months ago said:

    the galaxy s4 mini GT-I9192 will have the upgrade for kitkat 4.4.2 ?

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