Galaxy S5 update brings faster camera and improved fingerprint scanning

Samsung is currently rolling out the first software update for the month to the international variant of the Galaxy S5, starting in the UK. We took our Galaxy S5 for a spin after installing the update and found two very useful improvements. First, the camera is now noticeably faster to open, and so is the gallery app, which we found to be quite laggy in our review. Second, the update seems to have improved the accuracy of the fingerprint scanner – we already found it to be quite accurate even with one-hand usage, but this will hopefully improve the experience for those that the fingerprint sensor wasn’t working well for.

There also seem to be general performance improvements and better RAM management post update, though these are usually noticeable immediately after an update before going back to how they were. The update is currently available over Kies and is also rolling out over the air, though as usual, it could take a while before it shows up on your device. If you’re unwilling to wait, you can always download the firmware from our firmware section and update manually.

Firmware Details:

  • • Model: SM-G900F
  • • Model name: GALAXY S5
  • • Country: United Kingdom
  • • Version: Android 4.4.2
  • • Changelist: 1539356
  • • Product Code: BTU
  • • PDA: G900FXXU1ANE2
  • • CSC: G900FOXA1ANE2
  • • MODEM: G900FXXU1ANE2
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  1. That’s great news for the smartphone reviewers then!!

    Samsung just optimized the finger scanner & the ram usage.

    What about the ‘My Magazine’ window/widget? Is it slightly quicker than the previous update as well? Other apps too?

    Just let me know here, thank you.

  2. Just upgraded. There are some news in private mode, it says that it can be applied to various apps such as gallery, files etc. \
    Still can’t lock the app. Is it really so difficult to make this option available? I don’t want to use lastPass which really sucks (it works…sometimes) and I just want to lock the app, I don’t want to log out from the app everytime

    And still:

    Of course we can lock our files to private but if we did some picture with our camera and we have auto back up to cloud enabled we’re not secured. Doesn’t matter if private mode is enabled or not, the other person has still an acces to our cloud which is little bit weird. If I make a picture and want to keep it private it shouldn’t be available in the cloud (which usually has password remembered). It’s a detail but I someone will be a little bit smart he will see our private mode secured files in our cloud.

    • Is the’My Magazine’ widget/app more snappier?

  3. Try smart app lock-works for me

  4. Can I use this firmware for the galaxy s5 SM-G900F in the galaxy s5 SM-900H the Indian version or that will damage my phone ?

    • Seriously dude?! Installing a snapdragon firmware to an exynos variant = death to your phone.

      • How about this firmware (SM-G900F) on the SM-G900I?
        Its still snapdragon to snapdragon

  5. What about lag on Settings, dialer, mesages, contacts with new UK firmware?

    • Lol, what lag? Why do people call an app opening a lag? Dialer is an aplication which gets killed after some time of being unused. Lag on settings? You mean this 0,0002 secs waiting for icons? There was no lag on messages since the beginning.

  6. Weather info on lockscreen still sucks. It’s not refreshing. You have to turn it off and on again to see updated info.

  7. I had to disable fingerprint due to use of VPN… mandatory PIN or PASSCODE… is this fixed now?

  8. What about the update for Exynos version in India??

  9. Can I use this firmware for the galaxy s5 SM-G900F in the galaxy s5 SM-900m the latín america version or that will damage my phone ?

    • If it’s Snapdragon – yes. If Exynos – no.

  10. what about knox counter? if i flash via odin do i lose warranty? also will it erase anything?

    • No flashing validated hashes won’t affect odin and won’t affect your warranty.

  11. This also apply for the Galaxy S5 SM-G900M? Thanks :)

  12. can’t use for the galaxy s5 SM-G900H/M. Only SM-G900F

  13. Will this work on sm-g900p

  14. Hi. Can someone please check if Picasa online albums are now shown correctly or still one big album with all pictures in it? Thx.

  15. Can someome tell me if the camara and galery are faster and if fingerprint scanner works better than now?
    Nobody really talks about the significant firmware fix issues.

    • The most noticeable improvement is that now the camera doesn’t take too long to capture HDR images even in lowlight, unlike before. I think the fingerprint scanner also works better now.

      • thanks!! waiting for 900h exinos firm update!!

  16. it there’s a bug in scrolling settings !!

  17. Just received the update in India…Exynos version
    S5 is now more responsive…:D
    I think the fingerprint scanner also works better now.

  18. What about SM G900H ?

  19. This is the reason I’m waiting to get the Premium version of the Samsung S5.

  20. Can someone help me can i install this on my s5 its the SM-G900I (australia model)

  21. Hola a todos , ami me parece que va bastante genial en camara como en huellas , se aprecian las diferencias , lo que ha canbiado que no me gusta es en el icono de los cuadraditos ,antes ponia MENÚ y aora pone APLICACIONES , es lo que no me gusta , mi galaxy s5 es vodafone de españa , espero respuestas aver si esto solo me ha pasado a mí …

  22. HI, My phone was imported from the UK so living in the Netherlands I’m using an O2 device running this firmware.
    I have dutch simcard and everything works fine. However, when I go abroad (currently only been to Belgium) my phone can not register on any roaming network… I keep getting “not registered to network” when I try to make phone calls.
    Funny thing is, when I turn roaming on for internet I DO get 3g / 4g internet, but still no phonecalls.

    Is anyone else having this trouble? I’ve been googling for weeks now, checked my IMEI number, turned automatic network switching on/off but nothing has worked..

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