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AT&T now pushing Android 4.4 KitKat update to Galaxy Note 3


AT&T has announced that the Android 4.4 KitKat update is rolling out to its variant of the Galaxy Note 3. The 541MB update will bring all the usual goodies that are a part of KitKat, including an improved user interface with white status bar icons and smoother performance, reduced memory usage, wireless printing support, ability to select default launcher and home screen apps, advanced location control, and full-screen album art on lockscreen. Samsung has also made a few additions of its own, including a camera shortcut on the lockscreen, improved GPS performance, and enhanced sound controls for specific Samsung apps.

As usual, the update will be rolling out gradually and could take a few days to reach everyone, though you can take a peep into the Settings » General » About phone » Software updates to force the update to show up right away.


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15 comments on “AT&T now pushing Android 4.4 KitKat update to Galaxy Note 3

  1. eHoolie 10 months ago said:

    Hopefully Verizon isnt too far behind.

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  2. cocolopez 10 months ago said:

    Any news on kitkat for note 2?…there is a leak in xda……I think its not that far…..

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  3. maulgandhi 10 months ago said:

    Will I get official NC2 update if I installed leaked version???

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  4. gagaraz 10 months ago said:

    HI all.
    Release date kitkat 4.4.2 for GT-i9506?

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  5. ogarcia48 10 months ago said:

    I´m waiting kitkat for Note 2. Do you have news about it?

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  6. basdab22 10 months ago said:

    Not getting update for note 3 in india for Unlocked AT&T and KIES also shows Latest version N900AUCUBMI9 and in setting of the phone it shows latest is already installed try after 24 hrs.

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  7. dilippanchiwala 10 months ago said:

    When wil come for s3 android 4.4 in india ?? So may people waiting for the same. One of the device of s3..!!

    Please samsung rollout kitket 4.4 for s3 as soon as possible. .!!! Love you samsung..!!

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  8. Ali bohamad 10 months ago said:

    See all the comments ….I am waiting,waiting and waiting ,When, waiting …..all Samsung customers waiting for an update for their Samsung devise. .. Hi,Samsung …really really awful…This how you treat your customers … don’t deserve to have customers. …

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  9. mohamadreza33 10 months ago said:

    Where is any update for Note 10.1 2014 edition? We are in year 2573 Persian Calendar. And it is new year for us and after 1 year i didn’t see any news about about kitkat update for my tablet. I hate you. :(

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  10. mohamadtaha 10 months ago said:

    I want to have room kitkat for my note 3

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  11. 4Q8 10 months ago said:

    NO kitkat FOR UEA

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  12. 4Q8 10 months ago said:
  13. xobyx 10 months ago said:

    I´m waiting kitkat for s3. Do you have news about it?

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  14. Mahmoud Shaltout 10 months ago said:

    after making this update, my mobile starts a restart loop cycle and I can’t start it. I had make a hard reset but nothing happen, it still have the same problem. I also try add a firmware through ODIN but after successfully installing it, it returns to the same status “restart loop”. I can’t make any thing on the mobile and I don’t know what can I do.

    Samsung please advice

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  15. krleitch 10 months ago said:

    It fails to update over the air on my AT&T Galaxy Note 3. Is the a manual download link?

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