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SamMobile Weekly Samsung Firmware Update List, Volume 1 Issue 6


It’s Monday, and while everyone was trying their best to get themselves to actually start working after the weekend, we were busy checking out what Samsung was up to regarding updates to its devices over the last seven days. So here’s Weekly Samsung Firmware Update List, Volume 1, Issue 6 from SamMobile, which you can download at the link below to check out which device got which update and in which country in the last week. For those who would like to get these updates daily, kindly make sure to follow @SamKiesUpdates on Twitter. Samsung updates devices by using Samsung KIES or OTA (over the air) – of course, all of these firmware are available for download from SamMobile’s firmware page.

SamMobile Update List Volume 1 Issue 6

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19 comments on “SamMobile Weekly Samsung Firmware Update List, Volume 1 Issue 6

  1. allcilagdo 12 months ago said:

    When android 4.4 for note 2?

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  2. fizzano 12 months ago said:

    When Android 4.1 for Galaxy Ace II x?

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  3. kovacserno95 12 months ago said:

    When android 4.4 for Galaxy s4?

  4. Ssdreams75 12 months ago said:

    When kitkat 4.4.2 for note 3 SM-N9005 will come in KSA ????

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  5. munozgoncalves 12 months ago said:

    Esto esta de PTM. Pienso que la Samsung ya se considera su mejor galaxy modelo antiguo. Coño para cuando 4.4.2 OFFICIAL para GALAXY S4. QUE FALTA DE RESPECTO.

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  6. arfian 12 months ago said:

    How about p6200?

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  7. tonytango 12 months ago said:

    where is 4.4.2 for the uk

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  8. pcmy 12 months ago said:

    galaxy s4 I9500 kitkat?

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  9. chawrash 12 months ago said:


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  10. friendlymonkey 12 months ago said:

    @SamKiesUpdates twitter account has been suspended for at least the last week

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  11. matiasimasyk 12 months ago said:

    cuando kitkat 4.4 gt-i9500???

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  12. Ahmed hassen 12 months ago said:

    when android 4.3 jelly bean for gt-i9300 in KSA???

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  13. powerofviva 12 months ago said:

    when we can have 4.4.2 on middle east m UAE ???
    2 mounth passed and we are still waiting on UAE

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  14. gajera uday 12 months ago said:

    When kitkat 4.4.2 for galaxy s4 GT-I9500 will come in india ????

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  15. Djjrm 12 months ago said:


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  16. Jan Krohn 12 months ago said:

    So when is volume 7 coming out?

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  17. makilli 12 months ago said:

    When android 4.3 for galaxy s3 for Iran. I can’t find it in firmwares

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  18. jackylim 12 months ago said:

    Hi samsung, i hope u can hear us…we had been waiting for update for our 2 years device( galaxy tab 8.9 LTE P7320 ).since we had use honeycom 3.2 for so long. Very very sad that till now had no news at all? Sad……
    Hope to hear from SAMSUNG.

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