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Android 4.3 leaks for a bunch of AT&T Samsung devices: Galaxy S3, Note II, S4 and S4 Active


DesignGears, a well-known Android developer, has recently leaked Android 4.3 test firmwares for a bunch of AT&T Samsung devices. That include: AT&T Galaxy S III (SGH-I747), AT&T Galaxy Note II (SGH-I317), AT&T Galaxy S4 (SGH-I337) and AT&T Galaxy S4 Active (SGH-I537). Yesterday, guys over at got hold of a leaked Best Buy document which revealed that AT&T will officially update the Galaxy S4 in last week of October, Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II in November and Galaxy S4 Active in December.

- Galaxy Gear Support
- TRIM Support (Makes the device much faster)
- ANT+ Support
- Samsung KNOX Implementation (KNOX bootloader and dedicated application)
- Samsung Wallet comes pre-loaded
- Improved RAM management
- Improved Display colour reproduction (Display looks much sharper than before)
- Improved TouchWiz Launcher (Much less launcher redraws and less lag)
- New Samsung Keyboard
- New Samsung Browser (Full screen by default, new tab interface and more)
- New Reading Mode (Optimises display for reading, used by only a few specific applications)
- New Camera firmware
- Minor UI tweaks (Contacts app, Flashlight Widget, dialog boxes etc)

Keep in mind that these are pre-release firmwares, they are bound to have bugs and stability issues and are no where near final builds. But, if you really can’t wait till the official roll out and want to taste that Android 4.3 goodness then head over to the firmware thread located over at XDA-Developers for your respective device, where you will find the download link, instructions and more.

Device: AT&T Galaxy S III (AT&T-I747)
Firmware: I747UCUEMJ2 (Android 4.3 – JSS15J)
Build Date: October 5, 2013
Download: Firmware Thread

Device: AT&T Galaxy Note II (AT&T-I317)
Firmware: I317UCUBMJ4 (Android 4.3 – JSS15J)
Build Date: October 16, 2013
Download: Firmware Thread

Device: AT&T Galaxy S4 (AT&T-I337)
Firmware: I337UCUEMJ6 (Android 4.3 – JSS15J)
Build Date: October 10, 2013
Download: Firmware Thread

Device: AT&T Galaxy S4 Active (AT&T-I537)
Firmware: I537UCUBMI2 (Android 4.3 – JSS15J)
Build Date: September 10, 2013
Download: Firmware Thread

Source: Twitter (@DesginGears)

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47 comments on “Android 4.3 leaks for a bunch of AT&T Samsung devices: Galaxy S3, Note II, S4 and S4 Active

  1. last-home 1 year ago said:

    what about galaxy s3 international model (GT-I9300) ??


  2. shariqabideen 1 year ago said:

    I have a rooted International Galaxy Note 2 with stock ROM and custom kernel. Will I be able to upgrade to Android 4.3 official ROM (whenever it is out)?

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  3. ufo626 1 year ago said:

    Good news can’t wait for the N7100 international leaked version and the official for the UK

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  4. Franz54 1 year ago said:

    It’s still a shame! Americans spend operators before the international version of the Galaxy S3! This is really fuck the mouth of the customer who buys the nude and more expensive phone ..!

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    • last-home 1 year ago said:
      • ZsDaniel 1 year ago said:

        Did you two noticed it’s a leak?
        That means that they don’t choose what to leak, they leak what they can. If they don’t have files for I9300 then they can’t leak it.
        And please check what phones got 4.2 leaked. Only I9300. Every other phoneowner had to wait. Now it’s their turn to have something new.

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    • Targonis 1 year ago said:

      First off, leaks are leaks,and the official release isn’t until November 13th for the AT&T version(theoretically). Next, Exynos, or the 1GB of RAM in the international version of the S3 may mean that more memory optimization is needed. Honestly, AT&T and Verizon normally delay updates by 3-4 months AFTER the update gets released in Europe and/or the international version, so it is shocking that it may be released in a decent amount of time this time around.

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  5. danierakes 1 year ago said:

    no 4.3 for s3 international coz of ram problem….thank you samsung…and goodbye!!!

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  6. tester215 1 year ago said:

    Y para el i747m para cuando la 4.3 ?

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  7. ewerthon_jp 1 year ago said:

    users with ROOT, custom kernel or custom roms, or anything custom, this android version comes with the KNOX PIECE OF SHIT, that void your warranty if you flash anything custom, after or before the update, so becareful!!!!

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    • Targonis 1 year ago said:

      In general, flashing to a custom firmware voids your warranty. Any installation of a custom firmware is ALWAYS at your own risk, and you KNOW that. Even if you have managed to avoid being caught before, that doesn’t mean you were following the warranty previously. Many people end up “bricking” their phones from installing unofficial firmware.

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  8. mp2ning 1 year ago said:

    Can anyone confirm if the New Samsung Browser will still support flash player on the Note 2 and Galaxy S3?

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  9. roeldeckers 1 year ago said:

    Why only leak the firmware for US caariers? Obviously, designgears has someone on the inside, or is probably an insider. Why not leak the firmware for the i9300 and i9305 too? i guess we just have to wait.

    i am curios how know will affect my phone. I had it rooted previously, but now i am running official rom. I used triangle away and everything. The binary counter in download mode says Samsung Official. But in about phone, the system status reads modified. Knox will give the final verdict i suppose

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  10. Dave_Arr 1 year ago said:

    i have an Note II SGH-i317m…. can i use the SGH-i317 firmware? or i have to wait for my specific model? (i live in mexico, but the model here is the canadian version)
    *sorry for my english

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  11. faiber64 1 year ago said:

    para el Note II gt-n7100 cuando tendremos jelly bean 4.3

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  12. mohab1220 1 year ago said:

    We need review about this for s3
    please I want to know what’s new in the camera

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  13. dj-black 1 year ago said:

    What about s3 lte I9305 ??

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  14. s2j3607 1 year ago said:

    C’mon T-Mobile leak. SGH-T889

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  15. Brandon1219 1 year ago said:

    Is it possible to downgrade from the I337UCUEMJ6 galaxy s4 firmware once it’s installed?

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  16. djosue1034 1 year ago said:

    how to install the rom I download but not as flashes please tell me as

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  17. jay_m3 1 year ago said:

    you all asking stupid questions, why don’t you read some articles about how to use odin or flashing samsung smartphone

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  18. danierakes 1 year ago said:

    for s3 international no 4.3 update…1gb ram not enough for 4.3 touchwizz. ..byeeee samsung

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  19. tommydiamante 1 year ago said:

    porfavor informen de la actualizacion 4.3 para telcel en el sam s4 que batalla con telcel u.u

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  20. aviv.fatoni 1 year ago said:

    does At&T-i317 same with n7105 ?

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  21. Thedjmrx 1 year ago said:

    If I instal this on my galaxy s3, I will receive the official update when it going out?

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  22. JJELYBEAN 1 year ago said:

    Galaxy S4 GT I9500 TR Official Firmware where ? when the next ?

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  23. maddesc 1 year ago said:

    All the stupid german Websites are crapping around with “hell yeah – s3 already got 4.3 leak niw here is the Leak for Note2. But there is no Leak for the GT-I9300. Thats so ridiculous. Well well…

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  24. tedbundymx79 1 year ago said:

    What about i337m mexico how much longer

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  25. Franz54 1 year ago said:

    Samsung declined every month to update the GT-I9300, then they will tell us that the mobile is too old! … This is the last Samsung I buy, I hate that new clients is favored at the expense of old who were making huge profits in this brand …

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  26. danierakes 1 year ago said:

    only s3 with 2gb ram get update to jb 4.3…but not international version 1gb ram.thank you

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  27. ogir 1 year ago said:

    I got a galaxy note 1 (N7000), do you think this can work on my cell phone.

    Device: AT&T Galaxy Note II (AT&T-I317)
    Firmware: I317UCUBMJ4 (Android 4.3 – JSS15J)

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  28. mocalt 1 year ago said:

    Device: AT&T Galaxy S4 Active (AT&T-I537)
    Firmware: I537UCUBMI2 (Android 4.3 – JSS15J)
    Build Date: September 10, 2013:

    So far only one mistake with the update 4.3, the error was found the screenshot is completely damaged. I make several screenshot and out damaged.

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  29. kaihaase72 1 year ago said:

    I have the Samsung Galaxy S4mini (I9195). When came the for this Modell Android 4.3

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  30. NewVolume 1 year ago said:

    Hi My Samsung mobile S3 is running SGH-T999 it is posible uograde to Jelly bean 4.3

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  31. stanry77 1 year ago said:

    Hi Samsung, after I have updated JB 4.3 on my s4 GT-i9505. My NFC longer able to read NFC cards using Transport Fare Saver app. I used to be able to read Ezlink card to check for balance value.

    It is confirm not the card incompatible. All is working until I updated to latest ROM. Pls help

    From Singapore

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  32. camilo211 1 year ago said:

    Si NO vivo en estados unidos, como puedo actualizar el s4 i337 de att? soy de colombia y no se como poder actualizar.. estoy loco buscando pero en ninguna parte. estoy en la version 4.2.2 y quiero la 4.3

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    • LILIANAISAZAD 1 year ago said:

      hola camilo estoy igual que tu, vivo en colombia y nada q puedo actuallizar mi s4 i337 de at&t a la 4.3, si ya lo lograste x favor me indicas como, mil gracias

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  33. lado 1 year ago said:

    hi i need the 4.3 software please.

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