Samsung Galaxy Note III (SM-N900) specifications and sketches get leaked

Folks over at SIMOnlyRadar just got their hands on some alleged sketches and specifications of the yet to be announced Galaxy Note III. The specifications confirmed the last rumors like: 5.7” display FHD AMOLED, 13 megapixel camera, Exynos 5 Octa processor and one that will support the new generation Snapdragon 800 chipset with a clock speed of 2,3 GHz probably for the United States. According to SIMOnlyRadar the Galaxy Note III will feature a XENON flash and dedicated shutter button to make pictures.

We aren’t sure if the leaked sketches are true, so please take everything with a pinch of salt. Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy Note III upcoming IFA in Berlin which is in September 2013.



Via: Android Authority Source: SIMOnlyRadar

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  1. No spen ?????

  2. Very large it. 5.7 -inch screen on the fan. Limit was 5.55 and is no longer one does not fit in your shirt pocket. :’-(

    • They were able to make the S4 a tad bit narrower and thinner than the SIII, whilst making the screen size bigger.

      I doubt they can’t do the same for the Note 3

      • Yes I wrote above, that Note II (5.55 inches , does not fit entirely into the pockets of shirts )Therefore,these phones are not for everyone.

      • why this assumption ? the opposite is the case, the bigger a device is while it contains more or less the same equipment inside, the easier it is to shift components as needed. if the screen will be 5.7″, you can quote me that the device will be less in width and about the same hight. while a bit thinner. it has to be considered that the s-pen puts some limits to the thinness because it has to lay comfortable in the hand it cannot be soo….. thin as functionality itself would allows.

        • If Samsung fails to increase the display significantly as the likes of SGS4, then I’m sure many Users will complain like “It should be called SGNote2S” or SGNote2+”.

          To avoid that usual complaints, Samsung should increase the screen size into 6 inches and significant increase in resolution pixel desity is a must, probably at 2560×1440 pixels which equals to 489 PPI.

  3. have to be Spen!

  4. These pictures are a little vague, on top of that the S-pen is no where to be seen unless it can use any pen device as a stylus. ;)

  5. XENON flash ? I love it, I wonder how thick

    • instead of boosting pixels which consume memory everywhere and upload slowly, the next step will be and already started to be with some manufacturers, to allow for decent pictures under low light conditions. xenon flash i one step into the right direction as i could make out in my late nokia n8, one of the first and not so many smartphones with xenon flash. for me count screen size, battery life, bezel and camara which is the only “non-strength” of most superphones. however i still like the note II’s pictures more thant those of my nexus 4 which is for me really just a phone and a spare in case of loss or damage of the note II.

    • Actually the flash is the most suspicious part if anyone ask me.

    • Thickness of the phone is not a problem to me as long as it has a Beefier 9500mAh battery and screen size of 6 inches, 2560×1440 pixels at 489PPI.

  6. E na primeira imagem, mostra que vai ter um botão dedicado para a câmera? Será?

  7. Hmmmmm….., “andrIOd”, what’s that? You would think Samsung would know how to spell AndrOId. These sketches are definitely sketchy, me thinks.

  8. Galaxy S4 design?

  9. Fake!

  10. - What the bleeding hell is that additional button below the power button? It’s not the volume….
    - Andriod?
    - No Spen

    It’s probably fake, and even more probably just some S4 internet sketch that got re-used.

    • it should probably show the shutter hard button, but i agree it’s fake. it looks exactly like a note II without s-pen and so far the sketches have zero value.

    • Camera button?

    • I had considered the posibility of a camera shutter, but that would be redundant. You can already set volume rocker as the shutter and focus. Also, the focus of the phone, contuary to the S4 Zoom, isn’t that of the camera. Thus it makes no sense for them to include a separate Shutter button.

  11. This is what I’m gonna planning to customize my next smartphone to replace the old but still rocking SGS3.

    So I just want to share the specs I wanted to my possible Galaxy Note 3:-
    1. 6 inches, 2560×1440 pixels at 489 PPI
    2. Super AMOLED Plus with RGB Matrix
    3. Beefier 9500 mAh battery.
    4. Exynos 5 Evolved or Quad core Snapdragon 800
    5. Adreno 330 GPU (Adreno 350 if existing)
    6. 4 GB RAM and 125 GB Internal Memory
    7. 16 MP rear and 5 MP front Camera
    8. UNIBODY Water and Dust Proof Carbon Fiber or not glossy Polycarbonate and Shock Resistant Phone
    9. Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie
    10. Dual SIM support
    11. Bluetooth Headset out of the box to make calls and music listening easy.

    Thickness of the phone is not a problem to me. I want a computer replacement on my hand everywhere I go. I don’t mind paying $1500 for my dream phone.

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