Rumor: Samsung may skip Android 4.2.2 on Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S III for Android 4.3

Take this with a big pinch of salt but according to a new rumor, Samsung won’t release the Android 4.2.2 update for the Galaxy Note II or the Galaxy S III. This information comes from a site called Temefy and they claim the reason for skipping it is that Samsung is also working on Android 4.3. Another reason could the release timeframe which the site says could be around November this year and if true, makes sense for Samsung to release Android 4.3 instead of Android 4.2.2.

Thanks to our insiders, we’ve got an inside look at the Android 4.2.2 for the Galaxy S III but there’s no leak of a test build of the latest Android OS for the Galaxy Note II.


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  1. actually 4.2.2 not really important to me, don’t have any killer feature compare to 4.0 to 4.1

    if can release 4.3 very soon, then will be good news too…

    • while 4.2 includes at least a few relevant changes, 4.3 comes with almost no such changes over 4.2 but can be considere as an a bit larger stability update with bluetooth LE as the major change. so if 4.2.2 is not important to you, 4.3 will be neither. it largely depens on which device you are running. i suppose it’s a samsung device with touchwiz which would mean even less difference in everyday experience since samsung touchwiz is quite a huge cover over the vanilla version.

    • You work for Samsung, don’t you? Otherwise, I can not understand because you say that. Have you tried the leak firmware v2? The 4.2.2 firmware v2 leak, does not it make improvements?

      One thing is clear is that Samsung has made ​​a big mistake with Samsung Galaxy S4. Who is going to buy a Samsung Galaxy S4 for $600, if there is a phone similar characteristics (Samsung Galaxy S3) for half the price? The only thing that differ is the Stock ROM. Even so, people prefer the Samsung Galaxy S3 before the Samsung Galaxy S4. Now users of the Samsung Galaxy S3 have to suffer the problems Samsung sales. I have one thing clear, I do not go to buy a Samsung mobile

      • he doesn’t have to be working for Samsung to point out facts and opinion.
        S4′s screen alone was enough for my wife, who is a non-techy, to get it. Not everyone has the same definition of value in a product or an upgrade. if you don’t think it’s justified, then don’t get it or get another phone.

        What is this ‘suffering’ in sale? 20 million S4s in no slouch in sales. If this is suffering, then S3 sales must have been utter crap.

    • I agree 4.3 is exactly what the Galaxy Note 3 will launch with in October. So placing 4.3 on the Galaxy Note 2 and S3 in November/December will be perfectly fine with me. I will be purchasing the Galaxy Note 3 on launch day period.

    • I don`t understand this movements and delays… Much time Samsung… I’d like 4.2.2! Why we wait a lot more for a simply upgrade??? and the most important When will you decide to launch this version 4.3??? MAYBE NEXT YEAR??? Bad samsung very bad! I hope see this summer the official firmware on my s3…..

  2. with all the different rumors i am starting to think samsung is not going to be updateing the galaxy s III at all anymore the new relase dates keep changing and now this new rumor. why not stop the rumors and lets start talking facts.


  3. Samsung could release the flashable s4-camera apk, that is important for me as I´m a Note2-User. If they did that, they could hold on with the rest.

  4. I think we will get updates but first get it then s4 s4 mini note 3 will already have Android 4.3 so s3 will get updates as near January 2014

  5. Samsung = Big mouth

  6. Actually the Galaxy S3 already has an original leaked firmware 4.2.2 from Samsung itself but from sources within Samsung (hihi) somewhere in August the 4.2.2 should come out for the Note 2 and some other phones…

    • If Samsung do not release the new ROM Stock 4.2.2, it is marketing. They do not know what to do to sell the new Samsung Galaxy S4

      • I’m certain that selling 20million S4s required someone that does not know how to sell phones to the mass market.

  7. It’s getting annoying, I’ll never buy a piece of Samsung again, I bought Galaxy S III then Note II, they will never get an update at the moment and I’m getting really annoyed. Sure it’s the sales management of SIV but it’s wrong anyway.I’m not gonna but S IV and Note III at all.

    • it’s your right to think so but i recommend to consider that as far as updates to latest or late versions are concerned, samsung is next to google nexus devices the fastes updater, at least was in the past ( the last update on this statistic i’ve seen was from May 2013 ) wo what i’m going to say is that if it’s annoying you, yes i agree albeit i think updates are overvalued usually. if you wanna change the manufacturer, you will most probably change for the worse, except if you change for nexus devices or google versions of devices. as a owner an duser of a nexus 4 i must tell you however, that to bring a nexus device up to speed agains samsung device capabilities as far a the UI is concerned, there will be quite some work and software to install. further the nexus 4 comes with a bluetooth bug which was not corrected for 8 months now and with a frequent battery drain which can only be stopped most of the time with a soft reset. what i’m saying is that vanilla android as well has its flaws and bugs and disadvantages and therefore you will probably end up with whether an costly tour through the makes and/or eventually come back to samsung if there will be no great shifts in the near future.

      • Until yesterday we had an overheating problem in the Samsung Galaxy S3, we still have problems in the MMC memory chip and we have to endure to retain the new version of Android 4.2.2 for marketing problems. Do not think I’d spend $600 on a Samsung mobile

    • annoyances are mostly based on false rumors which is not samsung’s fault. the only thing i would like from manufacturers is perhaps a bit of an advance statement about release dates so that every one knows about what to expect and before that statement everybody would know that it’s just that, rumors of people and sites who want to generate traffic on their sites. i personally find this interesting but due to the above mentioned do not let these circumstances annoy me. further said, samsung is in the very best company as far as the lack of such statements is concerned. i have owned various brands since i started to use mobile phones in 1989 and it has always been like that. only apple is slightly better there but albeit i have macs for 25 years, this would never convince me to use an iphone which delivers half for twice the price :-)

      • There aren’t rumors, are written statements on Twitter

  8. So, Samsung tries to play its business strategy again. You ShamelessSung
    now a days even a born baby could understand your stupid old strategy. This stupid samsung wants to hold updates for Note II and S3 due to S4 sales. But if they do it with 4.2.2, it will not be good as HTC and Sony are already through with updates. In order to quite the customers they have come up with this new idiotic strategy. You shamelessSung, don’t try to make us fool again.

    • I think just like you

    • What are you talking about? Samsung released S4 WITH 4.2.2. HTC One and Sony JUST got it out. We are talking about last year’s phones with S3 and Note2. Please let me know when HTC One X or any other non-nexus device gets 4.2.2.
      Furthermore, let me know what the update status is for One S. Samsung is not perfect but they at least update their flagship and midrange phones. Even the Galaxy S2 has jelly bean.

      • Dude, you are right. HTC one is a newly released model. But if HTC can update its newly released model so earlier than ShamelessSung (in a short span of time), why ShamelessSung takes so much of time to update its older devices more than a year. Note that S4 already released with 4.2.2 (not like HTC one) and there is no denying that ShamelessSung should not take so much of time to update Note II and S3 when they have 4.2.2 for S4. I don’t see anyother valuable/believable reason behind the delay.

      • Also note that ShamelessSung has been working on 4.2.2 updates atleast for the past 3 to 4 months. Why should they suddenly stop it and move to 4.3. They could release the 4.2.2 now and then 4.3 in December right.

  9. If the next Iphone has a bigger screen… goodbye android… :)

  10. How about Note 1? Will Note 1 having this Android 4.3 too? Or Android 4.2?

  11. А потом скажут что 4.3 не будет ждите 5.0, а затем что 5.0 не будет 4.1.2 была финальной. Вот так то самсунг заботится о своих клиентах (

    • Да обновят они. Не переживайте. Rumor-слух. Не надо верить слухам. 100 процентов обновят до 4.2.2 Note 2, S3,Note 8, Grand Duos, Note 10.1. А вот про Note и S2 ничего не скажу… Ну у менять хоть есть Note 10.1. Жалко будет старичка S2…

  12. Not to mention the sudden death problem of the GS3, i can’t root my phone because i have the affected chip and if the phone dies, no warranty, and replacing a mainboard isn’t that cheap. Very dissapointed by Samsung so far.

    • CF autoroot patches the sudden death problem.. You don’t need to worry.. Go to xda and root your S3!

    • Samsung should have removed the faulty phones because even with “the correction” in the Kernel, Samsung Galaxy S3 still die

      • I know 26 people with S3. All are working well. 8 have upgraded to S4.

  13. I am already looking at an Acer Liquid Duo phone from Expansys. It already has Jelly Bean 4.2.2.

    Samsung are so irritatingly disrespectful to their customers, and all the rumors from here and there are not helping these days at all.

    • taking longer to go from 4.1.2 to 4.2.2 is ‘not respectfully’. oh please. I can find a laundry list of manufacturers that have yet to upgrade. You can comparing a NEW device to a year-old device for updates? It’s a good idea to check Acer’s (or anybody’s record) for updates before making such a comparison. I guarantee you that Samsung’s update record destroys everybody else’ – not just the flagship but down to the midrange as well.

      • How much longer has one got to wait? Acer have 4.2.2 on a device much cheaper than Samsung’s Note II and S3 lte.

  14. How about Samsung Galaxy S II?

    • The Galaxy S II get only Android 4.2.2
      This is the last Update for the S II.
      Android 4.3 doesn’t come to this Phone.
      I think, it is ok for a Phone, who is round about 2,5 Years old…

  15. The Next Big Thing is on the way ;-)

  16. I for once cant wait for 4.2.2 or 4.3 for the Note2 as I have seen 4.2.2 for the s3 and it has better screen clarrity and colors, looks soo much better than before :)

  17. too much late for update for s3 (first quadcore phone samsung)

  18. waste samsung taking too much time for updates timeup samsung

  19. Io tengo instalado la version leaked de android 4.2.2 XXUFMB7,en mi galaxy s3,desde ace un mes,y me funcciona de maravilla el movil. No se porque os quejais que la compania samsung no actualiza todavia este smarphone a la ultima version de android,tengais paciencia,y si qureis android 4.2.2 para veuestros s3,instalais este software cual los he escribido io mas aiba.Buscarlos en la pagina web de o en Google y sigais las instrucciones de instalacion.Os deseo suerte.

    • De maravilla? Jajajaj Tiene bastantes bugs y programas incompletos. Por ejemplo, prueba hacer una foto panorámica…

      • Te recomiendo que instales la actualización que lanzaron ayer. Resuelve el problema de sobrecalentamiento.

        • PENOSO SAMSUNGGG TENGO EL NOTR 2 Y LAS ULTIKAS ACTUALIZACIONES VAN COMO EL PUTO CULOOOO el proximo el iphone que ellos no hacen distinciones y sacan las actualizaciones para todos los iphone y no solo para el iphone 5

  20. I am a proud owner of Samsung Note 2 and note 10.1. I am eagerly waiting for samsung Android updates, but I can wait (because my devices are super) as long as I have the latest Android 4.3 or Android 5, with the new features of Galaxy S4. (some of them at least). Some features I really wish for is the SD card application move, the multiple user login the camera 360 sphere the recent new camera features plus the smooth and fast UI. I can wait!!!

  21. Hello Why Samsung would have worked on Jelly Bean 4.2.2 for the Galaxy SIII if it is for move to 4.3 see 5.0 at year end???

  22. if 4.2 or 4.3 comes again with that fucking contacts and phone lag when i buy my first phone after S3(actually) that phone will not to be a samsung phone

    sorry samy but we dont are your donkeys

    • sory samy but we are not your donkeys***

  23. Sr samsung

    should once and for all put pure jelly bean android without touchwizz in note 2 because it is a half phablet phone and tablet and android tablet are pure. when you leave android 4.3 android 5.0 and reaches the samsung note 2 again will be behind on your updates.
    I have the note 2

  24. The question is when will we be able to update our Note 2/GS3 to 4.3 Jellybean?

  25. Why buy a Note 3 on release day when Samsung will release 5 more versions of it 1-2 months later? I’ll wait for the Note 3 active + 64GB memory built in + coin dispenser + ZOOM + super pooper LTE + aluminum blue shell.

    C’mon Samsung! 30 versions of a phone is stupid marketing.

  26. Why buy a Note 3 on release day when Samsung will release 5 more versions of it 1-2 months later? I’ll wait for the Note 3 active + 64GB memory built in + coin dispenser + ZOOM + super pooper LTE + aluminum blue shell.
    I forgot to mention the flexible screen with 4K resolution- lol!

    C’mon Samsung! 30 versions of a phone is stupid marketing.

  27. I would rather wait for 4.3 if the bluetooth bug is still unresolved, I tried official leaked 4.2.2, it always drop pairing with my Sony MN2 Smart Watch. Now, I am back to 4.1.2, it’s very smooth and stable, somemore it has the 3d gallery view which is the most I like but was missing in 4.2. I am owning S3 from its lanching, received 3 major firmware updates ( 4.0.4 -> 4.1.1 -> 4.1.2 ) and several minor updates within a year. Compared to HTC One S, it’s officially stopped from any firmware support since last month.

  28. I think this is a wine that Samsung releases a lot of calls looking for google nexus release only and the guards Apple also releases a single model, and Samsung has them too much and I am not sure what to focus on too large a variety of processors and other versions of the processor. He is waiting for what will happen but now I can say that there warzne or buy a weak model is very powerful not sure what to upgrade

  29. All these comments from people whining about how they’ll never buy “Shamesung” every again irritates me. Maybe its because I have old Samsung devices that I have this viewpoint. You know, the Galaxy S era. When some devices weren’t even updated at all. Or they received one update before being dropped. Sammobile is a site dedicated to providing you news about the latest Samsung devices and news. Its NOT a site where you can endlessly whine about how “little support” you’re getting. Imagine how many changes they have to make to just one device’s firmware for localisation, features, performance and so many other things. Yes, they screw up. Yes, they’re slow at doing it. But try pushing an almost flawless update to over 20 million devices in the world- guesstimating the number of just S3s and Note 2s- and its easy to see what demand they have to meet.

    • Ok it sucks to be true but… we are talking about the flagship devices… Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II, they are you know high -end devices… but samsung really cares about the sales right at the moment… and they postpone the updates… because these devices are old… They must care about their new devices, S IV, Grand etc… And Sure MONEY…

  30. the s4 mini have already 4.2.2, ace 3 and grand duos too…. are mobiles worse than s3 and note 2…. I can’t believe that samsung delays more this firmware… It’s incredible and it’s possible that I don’t buy anymore a samsung smartphone… I’m annoyed about it!

  31. I think I’ll pass ‘to apple … are more’ precise in releasing updates. and ‘true that is out of the s4 but who and’ in possession of s3 that be done? throw it … I do not like politics samsung and that’s why I decided to switch to Apple
    sorry for the translation into English! ….

  32. The latest updates are very, very bad we already update 4.2 that are millions of us hope this update and as I thought about buying many future s5 note3 etc …. In December I bought the note 2 and samsung lords decis me that I have to wait least October or November to upgrade my phone??? Are you out of your mind??!! I’ve bought the s2 s3 and note 2 and I think that will be the last samsung as you realize what you do. You guys are making fun of 50 million people and that sooner or later you will pay …. For both mobile to get us to buy when at 6 months after buying from us you pass ….. What is your grave …. If your mobile costasen 100 euros you could do it like that but paying what we paid for them does not seem right

  33. Cant wait any longer…pls samsung :(

    • wait too long -> disappointment. I will sell Gs3 and buy the Nokia Lumia…..!

  34. Hahaha! Market strategies! The more you wait… The more Samsung delay. ..

    It’s a pre ads marketing

  35. November? :O

  36. no vuelvo a comprar samsung

  37. when this 20may samsung update s3 to 4.2.2,i very happy..cos i thing next update is note2,but to now….note2 oso until 4.1.2,i will never support sumsung agian,wait 2month oso dont have new update

  38. when new updates ? 1 month, 2 month, 5 month or 1/2014 ? distrust with samsung ……. haizzzzzz

  39. fuck it, I’ll buy HTC one :D

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