Lazy Sunday EXCLUSIVE – Galaxy Ace 3

Friday we leaked the first picture of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. Today we will  leak the first picture of the third generation Galaxy Ace device! The Galaxy Ace 3. The Galaxy Ace 3 codenamed GT-S7270 will come in 2 versions with duo sim (GT-S7272) and without duo sim (GT-S7270). The Galaxy S Ace 3 features a 4.0” TFT display 480×800, 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, VGA resolution front camera, 1.0 GHz dual-core processor, 1 GB of RAM. 4 GB intern and up to 32 GB extern, Bluetooth 4.0, A-GPS, Wi-Fi, HSDPA 14.4 Mbps, HSUPA 5.76 Mbps and a battery of 1500 mAh. According to our information will the dimension of the device be 121.2×62.7×9.79mm. There currently is no information about the weight. Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 will run on Android 4.1.2 or 4.2.2 and uses Samsung’s own touch-wiz Nature UX.

The Galaxy Ace 3 is Samsung’s third Galaxy Ace device. SamMobile expected the Galaxy Ace 3 at the mobile world congress in Februari. Sadly Samsung delayed the device, the Galaxy Ace 3 will come in 3 colours Metallic Black / Wine Red / Pure White. Retailers could expect the device around week 28 / 31 which is in July.

Expected is that Samsung showcase the Galaxy Ace 3 at June 20 in London. SamMobile will be live there and we will make some photo’s of the device itself.

Galaxy Ace III

O… Please Samsung STOP with this design language!

Thank you Anonymous Tip. 

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  1. is it possible that samsung launches note 3 on june 20 ????

  2. so this is look like Ace 2

  3. when jelly bean for ace plus??

    • yesss plzzzz tell us when ??????????

      • and when galaxy mini 2 please ? :((

    • and middle east or Iran version of jelly bean for Ace 2 ?

    • I think if u whant jelly bean consider buying a new phone. I don’t think they going to update ace plus or what ever :/

  4. Kinda bad though the camera havent been upgraded that is same as last year. They just put a little upgrade on ace 3 on some specs.

  5. There will be NO update for the galaxy mini 2 or galaxy ace plus. Yes samsung listed those phones back in 2012 however there have been no leaked roms or any more news or updates for those devices since (over 9 months now). It is safe to say that they will not be updated beyond gingerbread. Samsung are a terrible company when it comes to updating low end devices. Next time buy their flagship models if you want updates and never trust samsung.

    • Really :)) .. Do you know that the update does not need a strong specifications…..and Why Samsung put these phones in the list .. so long will no longer be updated….Please, make sure of your information

      • The same Samsung that told us the Samsung galaxy s i9000 will have the ICS update before saying it will not possible before releasing a final value pack on gingerbread? so what Samsung puts it on the list? companies make changes and break promises all the time same with politicians. The Samsung galaxy ace 2 jelly bean update was originally scheduled for Q1 then 22 april then 22 may before finally Q3/Q4. The only phones that seem to get timely updates are the high end models. I’m sick of waiting that I decided to get nexus.

  6. ..

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