Posted by Danny D. 2 years ago

Samsung’s new application WatchON


Gamerhub posted a video on youtube about Samsung’s new application called WatchON. WatchON is a new application for the Galaxy S 4 to view TV on your smartphone or to control your TV by using your Galaxy S 4. You even can order movies on demand. Samsung added a IR blaster inside the Galaxy S 4 which makes this all possible.


Samsung announced the Galaxy S 4 last week in New York City. The Galaxy S 4 features a stunning 4.99” Super AMOLED Full HD display, an Exynos 5 Octa processor, a 13 Megapixel camera and many more.

Watch the video below

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4 comments on “Samsung’s new application WatchON

  1. dello 2 years ago said:

    i love this application^^

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  2. qwertyqaz 2 years ago said:

    1. Nice from Samsung to bring back IR
    2. Will it be possible to play local network DLNA content?
    3. Ordering on-demand content will be again a big fail. Why? Regional restrictions. How many countries will have it, of 155 countries where SGS4 is going to sale?

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  3. gtone339 2 years ago said:

    Sweet but I have a question:

    1. does it work with non-smart TV’s?

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  4. Yucko 2 years ago said:

    This is a bit like SmartView which only works with some models of Samsung TV (ES7000 and higher).
    So my question is will WatchOn behave the same, as in: will it only work on the higher end TV models or will the .. let’s say .. UE40ES6xxx also be included?

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