Will the Galaxy S IV have an IR blaster?

Thanks to the famous Chinese poster we know more about the screen technology but there is more. According to the same source who has also published a review (Chinese) it’s possible that the successor of the Galaxy S III will have an IR (Infrared) blaster.

It’s possible that Samsung will preinstall their TV Discovery app, which they also included for the Galaxy Note 8.0, or they have more software enhancement which will take advantage of the IR blaster . With the TV Discovery app you can control your Smart TV and your entertainment┬ácentre┬ádirectly from one device!


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  1. I really hope the S4 is not that thick, just look at the the close up up shots, looks like a S3 on steroids :/

    • .77 thick and 138g. iPhone 5 is .76 thick and 112 grams

      • I meant 7.7 mm thick compared to iPhone 7.6 mm thick
        S3 is 8.6mm and 133g

        • K.. Thanks.. Just that it looked allot thicker in those macro shots

  2. is there any apps that can copy remotes functions for android like psiloc irRemote?

    that would be cool!

    • Yes the preinstalled app Smart Remote App on my note 10.1 is just brilliant! You can not only chose buttons, but also see the programm list on it and yoh also can controll other devices like blueray player too!

  3. yes sir.

    if the s4 still have infrared, it will be mine!!!

  4. IR Blaster, and HyperBlaster, and Plasma Booster, and a Laser.

    Right ; )

    On the other hand, commercial IR would be nice – but it’s surely nothing important, all in all.

  5. Samsung is really going for it this time!

  6. If it them octa cores can make me a coffee in the morn..I wannnnnnnt

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