‘Galaxy S IV to have floating touch and Green PHOLED material AMOLED display’

Today SamMobile received new information about Samsung’s upcoming flagship device, the Galaxy S IV.
The Galaxy S IV is going to have floating touch technology, this has been previously used by Sony inside the XPERIA Sola. Floating touch is like using your finger as a cursor or Samsung’s Air View which can be very handy, for example hovering over a Picture Album to get a sneak at the pictures inside. Until now Samsung used floating touch as Air View only in the SPEN but this time Samsung is making their new flagship, the Galaxy S IV, smarter than any other device on the market! Which is really good to know.

We already know about Samsung’s new smart functions called Smart Scroll, Smart Pause, Smart Stay and Smart Rotation. Those new functions were made possible thanks to the front camera.

Now that’s not the only thing we received, SamMobile can also report about the display of the Galaxy S IV, which Samsung may use. According to our insider, the Galaxy S IV will use a new kind of Display. The new AMOLED material called “green PHOLED” uses color GREEN-YELLOW makes these AMOLED display’s 25% more efficient. Which is good news for the battery life. The resolution of the panels are of course Full HD. Now if we check the video below we hear the man saying about

I know this is going to be one of the most amazing products to hit the market, since TV were colour.

And at the end of the video there is a very high brightness when opening the box which could hint about new screen technology by Samsung.

So far we have told you about the new floating touch technology and the “Green PHOLED” display but we aren’t finished yet! Lets confirm some more things about the Galaxy S IV. Our insider was able to confirm that the Galaxy S IV will run Android 4.2.1 out of the box and will be given the Android 4.2.2 update in the same month of release. The Galaxy S IV will also have a new camera feature called Samsung Orb (360 degree photo capturing a.k.a. Photosphere ), this feature has been rumored before. The device will have a 13 Megapixel camera and an Exynos Octa processor with 2GB of RAM. Samsung will also be using a new TouchWiz Nature UX (Nature UX 2.0?).

There are many prototypes of the Galaxy S IV, so it’s really difficult to get the exact specifications of the device. For example, prototype A uses Exynos Octa with Full HD GreenPHOLED / AMOLED display and prototype B uses SuperLCD3 with Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 etc…

Samsung will be announcing the Galaxy S IV on March 14th in New York, U.S. A live stream can be followed by Samsung Mobile on YouTube and Facebook. There is still no sign about any landings page or countdown page of the Galaxy S IV yet.

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  1. Simply Amazing!! Great News! Floating Touch is pretty cool.
    And it is great to hear that the S4 has an Amoled Display and not LCD.

  2. If all the gimics are real, work well(100 percent functional) and will be available on S4 then iOS is going to be disappearing from narket eventually. I dob’t know what else can Apple do other than to step aside.

    • I wouldn’t call them gimics if they work. They would be new useful tools that consumers would enjoy.

      But yah, i see Apple either staying stagnant this year or possibly even dropping (if not this year, then next) They have a lot of catch up to play right now.

      • Apple is just going to copy like they always do. They will probably patent the “Photophere” and then sue Samsung even though LG was the first to have photosphere on their phones.

        Apple isn’t anything special. They didn’t invent anything. They just take credit for someone else work. They ran of our iDeas, so they only thing they got going for them is to file patents.

  3. Let’s just wait to see if its real. I would be extremely happy if all of this would be true.. octa core 2 gb ram, a great design and screen.. but lets not forget that for some of us galaxy S3 was disapointing a little.. Lots of feature that were speculated were missing after all especially the wireless charging which was a BIG flop.. a little patience is good

  4. I don’t understand. The model with Octa will have LTE? or just the snapdragon model?

    Because in the pictures the antutu benchmark released a few days, the model was octa and LTE too.

    • you dont need to understand until the device is launched :)

      From all this “news” none of them can be true or all of them can be true.. they play this very good.. creating rumoors and expectations.. but they can burn themselves.. if the expectations are higher than the device itself…..

    • Octa will have LTE :) Dunno only if it’s integrated or will be separate…

  5. If all this is true, particularly about the screen quality, it is going to be a great device. Still one thing I will never understand: using cheap looking plastic. I understand that plastic is more convenient for some parts of the case, but there are decent looking, with better mechanical properties, finger print free plastics, and cheap looking shiny Samsung plastic. I love my Note II, except the plastic frame and shiny plastic battery cover. It is unreasonable installing into device last technology scratch free screen and cheap scratch sensitive side frame and back cover.

  6. First I want to thank you for your coverage of Samsung ongoing developments. Your comment “There are many prototypes of the Galaxy S IV, so it’s really difficult to get the exact specifications of the device. For example, prototype A uses Exynos Octa with Full HD GreenPHOLED / AMOLED display and prototype B uses SuperLCD3 with Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 etc…” is very important as it explains a divergence between securities analysts who cover the oled supply chain to SMD (Duksan hi-metal, SFA Engineering,etc.) observing that orders to support oled green going into effect well before the release of the GS4. When you first reported on the GS4 using SuperLCD3 you left out the idea that it might be one of many prototypes …your exact heading was “BREAKING: Samsung ditches own AMOLED and EXYNOS inside new Galaxy S IV”. This was opposite of what the supply chain analysts had been discovering. Sadly it got the attention of investors of the only company that makes oled emitters for the GS phone series Universal Display. After your report over the weekend the stock went down about 20%… I ask you this… given that its only been a few days from your initial “breaking news”…that you find out that it indeed is using oled…that perhaps before printing a story that would have such a devastating effect on companies involved in the oled supply chain that you strongly consider being more informative about different prototypes existing and that elaborate on your certainty regarding a particular prototype becoming the final model. I greatly appreciate you releasing the update today explaining the subtleties of following the ongoing development of technologies for the GS4. This report today was far better than your first jump to conclusion breaking news story. Please consider how widely your stories get disseminated across the internet and into the hands of investors (both long and short) and that a breaking news story saying no oled will trigger an avalanche of new short sellers jumping on board to try to profit from the impact of the negative news on a company like UDC that relies upon SMD using oled in its phones as well as generate unnecessary fear among long holders of panl who may have sold on the news out of fear that SMD had decided to shift away from oled. Given the relative commitment of SMD toward oled development in its capex, I’m surprised more due diligence wasn’t done before printing your breaking news article. Please exercise more caution in the future and use this story today as a good example of why its important to dig a bit deeper before publishing an devastating piece toward a particular technology that impacts investors worldwide. Thanks again and keep us informed… just be more careful about sweeping conclusions.

    • Hi thanks for your comment. We discussed this isseu with our team. Hopefully this wil not happen again. Thanks for your report.

    • So, if Sammobile would have reported something more positive in favor of the products(s) of the manufacturer of the components of the display, then their stock could have gone up by, let’s say, 20% over the weekend??? Now, what does that tell you about the stock market?… it’s all bullshit, where the greedy flock together and conspire to steal from the ignorant.

      Sammobile can report however and whatever they want. They are just following whatever leads they have or what their sources feed them. Your comments regarding their ‘responsibility’ towards the business community and the value of their stocks is typical of someone who probably lost some over that specific weekend and now wanting to blame it on someone… anyone but yourself.

      • Oh look, an internet fight! How original.

        Oh, and if you’re “ignorant”, you get what you deserve.

        • Question is whether one chooses to remain ignorant or learn valuable lessons from their mistakes.

          I’m NOT picking a ‘fight’ with Sidney… In my opinion, once people get into stock trading they tend to lose sight of reality, and the only thing that matters is the numbers. I’ve observed this right from the inside, building crucial trading software components for a major stock exchange and believe me, it’s not a pretty picture.

      • are you stupid? or are you an idiot? or both?

        • I am probably a bit of both… but I’ve chosen to always remain open minded and learn as much as I can in life.

      • David, if their source sent false information to them in support of a short position in order to profit from the breaking story it would be called front running and a violation of SEC stock manipulation/fraud rules. Not only would the source face charges so would SMBMobile. It may not stop at charges as the DOJ/SEC is known for shutting down server, taking computers for evidence and could result in serious disruption of business. So yes while a journalist can print anything he wants it doesn’t meant there may not be any consequences for doing so. Every business journal knows there are certain responsibilities when printing stories. An editor should be very careful to avoid printing false and/or misleading stories when it comes to avoiding stock manipulation/front running charges.

        • sidneyleejohnson your comments astound me. What makes you think that DOJ/SEC has any jurisdiction outside of the USA? You are the worst kind of complainant, using thinly veiled threats on an innocent website for simply reporting news and rumors. Perhaps you lost money? Who knows? Who cares? It is clearly not the fault of Sammobile.

      • I meant SAMMobile not SMDMobile in my prior post…regarding positive vs negative stories the key isn’t whether its in support or against the key is whether its false or misleading in terms of SEC stock fraud rules… to your point if its a false/misleading positive article the SEC calls it “pump and dump” plus front running. if its a false/misleading negative article the SEC calls it “short and distort” plus frontrunning. Either way (positive or negative) the journalist that reports the false or misleading report can find itself in serious hot water. If the story isn’t false or misleading there is no stock fraud/manipulation. Reporters and editors have accountability in avoiding becoming front runners for various mob activity around spreading false rumors in support of pump and dump or short and distort. While they may not mean to become a front runner they run that risk by passing along rumors that aren’t checked. Although unrelated to the stock market don’t forget what happened to Dan Rather/CBS on the Bush guard story where they didn’t check their sources…so even if you don’t have the SEC breathing down your throat it is important to demonstrate integrity and credibility as a news source.

        • for the record CBS fired 4 of its staff members after releasing the 60 minutes bush guard story based on unverified sources.

        • Sidney, I hear you and I do get all the points you’ve raised. It’s just that in a world where people’s sentiments can determine what a corporation’s value in stock becomes, often makes me wonder why it is the way it is and end of the day, when the over inflated prices fall (sometimes hard), there will always be losers… victims of greed.

          Even though my first response may seem that way, it wasn’t intended to be insulting towards you. I’ve been following Sammobile’s stories/reports for a while and my impression of these guys is that they love what they do, which is delivering news the best way they can. I mean, can we really assume that Sammobile’s story alone could have caused that 20 percent stock value drop? I personally don’t think so, but in my opinion your text implied exactly that… which in turn initiated my ‘annoying’ response… to some at least, judging from the couple of replies I received.

          • I hadn’t been following their work as long as you have but I reviewed and it looks very solid. they don’t connect the dots between technology news and financial news. They don’t see it as if Samsung knocks it out of the park with some new tech that it might bode well for Samsung stock and not so good for its competitors. When Forbes, Fortune, Barrons, WSJ, or other financial journals cover tech they associate said news with the impact on various companies. I’m not sure that they want to or should try to learn to list the companies impacted. Oled stories for example involve at least 10 major companies in the oled supply chain..not just UDC. Any major shift away from oled would actually impact all of the oled chain suppliers…SFA Engineering, Duksan hi-metal, etc… most of these are Korean companies that also do other things than oled. UDC is likely the only pure play on oled and the most sensitive to negative news. Anyway it was very nice of them to respond to the concerns and as I said I do appreciate their following the developments.

  7. My opinion. If Universal Display drop down 20% only because of one message. Is the company self not that stable. Specially when a Samsung community post something. We are not like the Korean Times or something. We just received a prototype photo without AMOLED.

    • DannyD, you are on the right track … UDC’s primary customer for its oled materials is Samsung…and should Samsung choose to no longer use oled…it would be very problematic for UDC in the short to long run…so in this since its stability nearly entirely relies upon Samsung at least until LG steps into the OLED tv market in 2014 and beyond as well as oled lighting in 2015+. That said if SMD were to reject OLED given its capex expenditure in oled it would be a strong signal for competitors to follow suit. So in this sense UDC fate so far relies very much at SMD’s mercy. Well put.

  8. We might have soon gamblers suing magazines for publishing peoples wrong lucky lottery numbers in their horoscope reviews.

    Seriously, before the official announcement of any flagship mobile device, everybody knows that NOBODY knows for sure the exact specifications of the device. That is why portals like this, reviewers,…,make their reports in the fashion of “RUMORS” or “TAKE IT WITH A PINCH OF SALT”, clearly referring that they are saying their best guesses about specifications of the future officially unannounced device based on a reasonable estimate.

    It is an absolute responsibility of the share traders where they put their bets. Do share holders sue their brokers for putting their money in wrong funds. I do not think so.

    • q: “Do share holders sue their brokers for putting their money in wrong funds. ”
      A. absolutely…all the time. ever heard of a full commission broker giving advice based on determining suitability, risk tolerance, and investor objectives and then getting sued anyway as soon as a bear market hits.

      Most tech geeks are likely do it yourself types at Etrade so…the complete lack of awareness about a massive structure of regulation surrounding the very activity you think doesn’t happen is easily understood.

  9. Flexible 1080p display=Check

    Exynos 5 Octa processor in the United States clocked at 1.8ghz=Check

    Wireless Charging=Check

    And the KICKER: The Galaxy S4 will as a bonus have a pad that will enable the device owner to measure blood pressure, and blood sugar levels as well as other signs regarding health. The monitoring of certain physiological signs would definitely represent an useful application for all customers from children to the elderly.

    The overall versatility of the Galaxy S4 will revolutionize the gadget market in 2013.

    You can ONLY imagine what the GALAXY NOTE 3 will be like later in Sept/Oct 2013…..The rest I have NO COMMENT….One thing is for sure NOTHING will ever beat Samsung in the android landscape that’s for sure…

    • “ryarrell on 10 March 2013 at 12:41 said:

      Flexible 1080p display=Check”


      This would be a definite _YES_ for me, if true (with the aforementioned specs of course + given that the front camera will record 1080p, as SamMobile keeps on repeating – without a sense, if You ask me).

      Frankly, I don’t believe the flexible screen, but… Well, I would be ABSOLUTely positive about buying this device (as long as there are no major flops, like mediocre quality screen in the case of Sony Xperia Z or HTC One’s terribly bad photos), since it would almost eliminate problems with the screen breaking and even scratching :)

  10. Floating touch! Crazy! Can’t wait for the release, my Nexus S is getting old!

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